Gmail chrome extension: all you need to know

The Advantages Of Gmail Chrome Extension on Your Computer

Are you tired of receiving prompts asking you to download the Google extension in order to receive email updates and other alerts from the internet? Extensions are meant to enhance your browsing experience, but some are known to make your browsing even harder and especially if you have a browser loaded with ad-ons.

These extensions are also a good way of customizing the features that you like in order to prevent what you do like from attacking your computer.

Though extensions are associated with malicious viruses, they have numerous advantages.

Advantages of Gmail extensions


The tasks performed by Gmail extensions are incomparable with those of other extensions. First; you can be able to get alerts as well as other information while still on the same page through an extension. This is because a Gmail chrome extension can add extra button next to the one being used to alert the user of upcoming events.

Extensions are straight forward and thus simple to use. You can perform more tasks with fewer clicks as compared to using web  applications that have numerous instruction that are a must follow to accomplish a certain task. In other words, these extensions are similar to shortcuts.

These Extensions have the ability to enhance how your computer functions by linking users to other relevant pages to draw information from. A good example would be when looking for directions and you choose to use select maps. Though this will lead you to the right page, an extension will display two more options relevant to map work; get directions and show on map

How to manage a Gmail chrome extension


Different users have different ways of managing their chrome extensions. There are those who prefer having many icons on the browser while others manage their best by having a single icon operating.

You could also manage your extension by expanding your icon area. To expand an icon area;

  • Click on right border of the address bar and drag it to the right to expand it
  • Clicking on the left side of the address bar is also another way of managing an extension. This hides other extensions in order to create more space for the opening of new icons. Once the address bar is expanded, to see the new icons;
  • Click Gmail chrome menu from your browser
  • Highlight tools then select extensions