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How to remove Iobit toolbar

Firefox, Internet explorer as well as Safari browser support the Iobit toolbar which is an add-on helping you in surfing the internet. Searching information via this toolbar becomes a lot easier for the web users with this toolbar. Toolbar now a days are being used more specifically for marketing purposes. Once helpful, these toolbars now can cause you great inconvenience by changing the settings of your browser on their own. They can also mess with the speed of the browsing and you no longer enjoy a speedy surfing. Other toolbars like Google toolbar is still very efficient and popular among web users.

Why should you remove Iobit toolbar?

Some toolbars do not disappoint you while functioning while there are others that can prove very troublesome and provide entry of malicious malware and viruses into your system. They can also lessen the speed of your system and prove very annoying, interfering with your work that needs your attention. Problem actually arises when these toolbars do not ask for your confirmation and automatically make their way into your browser with the toolbar you have selected for installation. Hence it goes out of your hand to stop the problem. This toolbar is of the same nature. It allows dangerous files to get into your system without your consent thus adversely affecting your system. They can also provide your security threats and with the numberless drawbacks, it becomes very important for you to remove these toolbars as it seems the only possible option. Deleting the iobit toolbar will help you maintain the speed of your browser back to normal allowing effective surfing.

A step by step guide on how to remove Iobit toolbar

Once you have made up your mind to get rid of the ioit toolbar, you need to make sure that you delete all the files related to this toolbar by opting for a suitable method of removal. It strongly recommended that you delete this toolbar as soon as you sense it causing harm to your system.

Following steps will help you to do so appropriately.

Removing Iobit toolbar from Safari

  • Open the finder window by clicking on the finder
  • Now click on the application toolbar and move on to the toolbars
  • Now look for the iobit toolbar and click on “uninstall” once you have located it.
  • Provide the correct username and password and click on “ok” to give confirmation.
  • The toolbar will now be removed from Safari

Removing Iobit toolbar from Internet Explorer

  • Open the control panel via start
  • Now opt for add/remove program and another window will appear in front of you
  • Now select the iobit toolbar and instruct it to remove it.
  • A confirmation box will appear asking for your consent to remove this toolbar, agree to it.

Removing Iobit toolbar from Firefox

  • In the firefox, go to the tools menu and click on adds-on which will present you with a new window
  • Select extensions and a list will appear in front of you
  • Locate iobit toolbar in it
  • Now click on “uninstall” and it will be deleted once you press on “yes”

Now close your browser and start the firefox again.

how to remove iobit toolbar

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How to remove hover zoom toolbar?

Hover zoom toolbar is an extension that efficiently magnifies various images and thumbnail for your convenience. It has never really come to disappoint its user and it can be used with various other toolbars such as Google chrome. This toolbar which is supported by various popular websites in enlarging the images for you can easily be installed. Popular websites using this toolbar includes Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Reddit, ebay, picasa as well as youtube.

After the successful installation of hover zoom using this toolbar, a small icon of a magnifying glass will appear on all those websites which support the use of hover zoom. Now you are possessed with a amazing facility to enlarge the all the images you wish to give a close look. Not just this, you can also customize your mouse using this facility. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can change the settings according to your will.

how to remove hover zoom toolbar

Although very helpful, hover zoom may seldom bring down the effectiveness of your browser and hinder its proper functioning. Under such conditions it is advisable to get rid of this toolbar as soon as possible.

Why should you remove the hover zoom toolbar?

Although this browser add-on is quite helpful when you need to view the thumbnails or images that are very small but like other toolbar, it also has some drawbacks. This toolbar can lessen the browsing speed and affect the functioning of your PC. This happens because this toolbar occupies a greater space on your system, not allowing the proper and speedy surfing. A dire need is then felt to remove this toolbar which can prove very frustrating.

How to remove hover zoom toolbar?

Once this toolbar becomes problematic for you and you decide to get rid of this then the tools menu on the Google chrome allows it. The following steps will help you bring back the speed of your browser to normal in no time at all.

  • On the browser toolbar, locate the chrome menu and open it
  • Now opt for the tools followed by extensions
  • Locate the hover zoom toolbar from the provided list and remove it by clicking on “disable”
  • However, this alone is not enough. There is also a need to eliminate it from the system files.
  • For this, go to the start and then the run button
  • Type regedit there.
  • Find all the files that are related to hover zoom and delete them all.
  • Once done, restart your system to find it working properly again.
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How to remove NHC toolbar

Removing the NCH toolbar is a very easy task provided you follow the steps keenly. In no time you get rid of this toolbar. The operating system and the browser you are using can partially reflect the way this toolbar is removed. Depending on different browser i.e. Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer, the steps of the removal may vary. The procedure for removing NHC toolbar these browsers is explained in detail below.

How to remove NCH toolbar from Internet Explorer

Windows Vista as well as Internet explorer comes with different security protocols which doesn’t all the modifications to be made in the configuration of the Internet Explorer. NHC toolbar however has the ability to accidently install itself into the browser as a part of the bundled software package. What you are required to do is to disable it and then remove it from your browser for which you need to follow the given steps carefully.

  • Go the start and click on Internet explorer to open it
  • Then click on the tools and open the “manage add-ons”
  • Under this option, click on “Toolbars and extensions”
  • Disable the NHC toolbar now
  • If you wish for a persistent NHC toolbar then run Internet explorer in No Add-ons mode.
  • Now disable all the add-ons
  • Internet explorer 7 provides you with the facility to use the no add-ons feature without toolbar or other add-ons

If, however, you wish to run the add-ons in a “disable-mode” follow the steps below.

  • In the start option, go to the programs
  • Click on the accessories
  • Now opt for select system tools followed by IE no add-ons

How to remove NHC toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

As compared to the above mentioned procedure, the method to remove NHC toolbar from Mozilla Firefox is simple, straight and less time consuming. The following steps will provide you a smooth surfing on your browser.

  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Go to the tools, followed by Add-ons
  • Now go to the extensions
  • A list of extensions will be made available to you
  • Go through then and look for the NHC community toolbar.
  • Click on “remove” in order to delete it.
  • Once removed, restart your system and enjoy the hassle-free surfing

 How to remove NHC toolbar from Google chrome

Removing NHC toolbar from the Google chrome is the easiest. The following steps will help you to do so in no time

  • Open a new tab in Google chrome
  • Now click on the tools followed by clicking on extensions
  • You will now find a NHC application, right click on it.
  • Now select “uninstall” from the menu given
  • A confirmation box will appear to which you have to say “yes”
  • Restart your system after the completion of the process.
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How to remove ilivid toolbar

The ilivid toolbar is an application that easily finds its way into your computer without you having to do anything. It is an application that aims to detect malware. However it is a treacherous one as it tricks the user to install ilivid software in their system by showing them fake scans of viruses and various malwares. It will make your computer appear infected with numerous viruses and will provide you with sole option of installing ilivid software to get rid of these viruses. Also when it starts running, it will fraud you by showing false pop-ups and alarms which might make the unaware users very apprehensive and make their system appear infected more than normal.

Needless to say, it becomes necessary for the users to get rid of the ilivid software as soon as it appears on their screen. If you don’t get rid of this toolbar timely, it might get your computer into a lot of problems which otherwise wouldn’t have happened.  But the ways to get rid of this toolbar do exists and you need not be worried. However, it requires you to provide them with your personal information while you buy this software. One thing, however, is a matter of concern is that this information if goes into the hands of cyber criminals would be sufficient to disclose your identity and can make you the victim of financial crime.

how to remove ilivid toolbar

Why should ilivid toolbar be removed?

As informed earlier, ilivid toolbar automatically installs itself into the user’s system when the user is busy installing other useful softwares. It greatly disturbs the browser’s setting as well as effects its proper functioning once successfully installed. It also sets as the default homepage of your browser without you having any say in it. A very annoying malevolent act of it is to redirect your searches to various harmful and malware containing websites. It also sometimes leads you to different promotional websites, quite irrelevant to your search something you never asked for

It is, therefore, strongly recommended to avoid hovering over or clicking on any provided link on these websites as it may be a treacherous entry of a virus into your system. The online ads and pop-ups that appear on your screen randomly, causing you much inconvenience are also due to the ilivid software. These uncontrollable advertisements make it nearly impossible for you to work and leave you so frustrated that you are left with no option but to get rid of the ilivid as soon as possible.

How to remove ilivid toolbar?

Removing ilivid toolbar requires you to follow the simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Go to the program files
  • Look for the ilivid toolbar folder
  • Click on the folder and opt for “remove/uninstall” program
  • Now go to the add-ons list and disable this toolbar
  • Now make sure that your system is clean by making use of a security application. If you don’t have one, download it.
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How to remove Truesuite toolbar from Internet Explorer

Truesuite toolbar is an effective Biometric toolbar being used these days in the browser to ensure secure, convenient and efficient web browsing. Its uses finger prints authentication in order to authenticate a user. It is easily to use because it starts automatically, integrates your browser and provides a window service. But in spite of the number of uses it can be a trouble sometimes, the toolbar may affect your browsing speed causing problem in fast effective browsing. Although it is used widely still some user may feel inconvenience while using it. That is the reason people try uninstalling it from the browser as well as the windows (Control Panel)

As it may be troublesome at times so the user may want to remove. Lets take the example of Microsoft Internet Explorer, if we want to remove the toolbar from internet explorer what are the possible best and protected steps to remove it? Here is the summary of the steps to safely remove the toolbar from your control panel and browser.

From Control Panel:

Find the option of control Panel in your windows.

How to remove Truesuite toolbar from Internet Explorer


  1. Find the option of uninstall a program (Note: They outlook of control Panel is almost same in all windows Xp/7/8)

how to remove truesuite toolbar from internet explorer

3-Now find and choose Truesuite Toolbar and click uninstall, the program will automatically be uninstalled.

How To Remove Truesuite Toolbar From Internet Explorer:

Removing Truesuite toolbar from internet explorer is also quite an easy process. Following the steps below will make it quite easy for you to uninstall the toolbar from the browser.

  1. Click at your browser to open it.
  2. Select the tool menu
  3. Select the toolbar option from the menu list
  4. Disable the add-ons, this will change the settings, now you can restart the browser to see the settings.

Restoring your Internet Explorer Settings:

In order to restore the IE setting the simple step to be followed is you open the tool option and then click reset the button and delete the personal settings, after the deletion has finished a message will appear to re-affirm that you are sure about the deletion of setting click “Ok” to permanently remove the settings.

Now restart the browser and check whether the new settings are stored or not.

If in case the browser still has the setting. You can uninstall take help from the third party installers that are available online you can easily get them from there.



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How to remove Google toolbar from My computer?

Google toolbar aims to facilitate you by providing you with all the current headlines, bookmarks as well as the toolbar options. Some people find it a great help while others, especially the users with a small screen find it as space consuming and might want to get rid of it. Hiding, removing or simply deleting the Google toolbar is matter of few easy steps and no time at all. You don’t even have to worry about the browser you are using.

This article will help you to learn an appropriate, simple and quick way to get rid of the Google toolbar.

How to remove Google toolbar from Firefox and uninstalling it on Internet Explorer

Both the Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer require the same procedure to uninstall Google toolbar. Go to the “wrench icon” and from the toolbar’s menu, choose “uninstall”. On the other hand, for Internet Explorer, go to the “start menu” and then choose “add/remove program” from the control panel. Now select the Google toolbar and instruct your computer to uninstall it.

For Mozilla firefox, You will be required to click on the wrench icon after starting the toolbar. To initiate the uninstalling, click on the “uninstall” button. Once you’re done with this, go to the “tools” and select “add ons”. Now find the google toolbar and uninstall it.

Troubleshooting Uninstall process

Uninstalling Google Toolbar is an uncomplicated process but inefficiencies might occur while the uninstalling s taking place and Google toolbar might not be properly and completely removed. Complete elimination will be possible if you first up to date your Google toolbar and then uninstall it. Look for the most recently available version of the Google toolbar and download it. Then follow the steps of standard toolbar removal to get rid of this space-consuming toolbar.

If however, you don’t wish to get rid of it and instead just hide it temporarily then you must follow the steps as mentioned.

  • Run your firefox browser
  • Go to the “views” option and select “toolbars”
  • Look for the Google toolbar in the provided options.
  • Now, select the “tick” and your toolbar will disappear although not removed.
  • For making it appear again, just click on the toolbar and it will be restored.
  • In case of Internet explorer, locate the toolbar, right click it and select that tick mark again.

It is freely under your will when you want to make your Google toolbar visible and when not. These easy steps will help you in doing so whenever you wish to and free the space for something of prime importance.

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How to remove kmplayer toolbar?

The kmplayer has never left its users disappointed. This freeware media player is the appropriate tool for playing all kinds of media formats which includes DVD, VCD, 3GP, OGM and Quick time. Damaged AVI files and all the locked media which most of the other players don’t support can be played easily on kmplayer. Not just this but it also provides you with the facility to download and share compressed audio albums. Being a freeware media player, it brings all kinds of media to your access.

Kmplayer has successfully managed to improve its functionality with the advancement in the technology and various subtitles in the media can now be handled with great ease. One remarkable feature that this player has is its ability to capture videos, audios and different screen shots. However, if you find the toolbar for this player of no particular importance then you should remove it in order to create more space for some useful data.

Why should you remove Kmplayer?

People can have different reasons for getting rid of this toolbar but the most common reasons include cleaning up your system using various clean-up softwares in order to create more space for other valuable data. Also, the toolbars that are corrupt and have lost their need might need to be removed now. Some people who have been using this toolbar for long and yet do not have any complaint to make might want to shift to an alternative. The toolbar, no doubt, occupies a larger part of the available space and might result in a sluggish speed. The frustration you undergo because on this slow speed might become one of the reason for you in deciding to get rid of it. Whatever might be your reason, you would have to learn to delete this toolbar from your browser.
Steps mentioned below will help you to do so easily, restoring the efficacy of your system.

How to remove kmplayer toolbar

One very convenient thing about the kmplayer is that you don’t have to be a computer expert to get rid of it successfully. Following the simple and quick steps described below will make your browser free of this toolbar hence maintaining the speed back to normal.

  • From the start button, go to the control panel and select “add/remove” program.
  • From the displayed list of the added programs, select the kmplayer.
  • Instruct it to “uninstall” this toolbar.

how to remove kmplayer toolbar

  • Click “yes” to give your consent for the removal.
  • Now reboot your system once and once you log in, your browser will be free of this toolbar.

There is another method to perform this action as well in case you didn’t succeed with the first.

  • Go to the local disk (C) in My computers.
  • Search for the kmplayer toolbar in the list of programs.
  • The un-installation process will initiate once you highlight the program and delete it.
  • Click “yes” when it asks you “do you want to delete all”
  • Once the un-installation is complete, close the window and enjoy a kmplayer toolbar-free browser.
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Remove Bing toolbar in windows 7

Bing toolbar is an add on that facilitates you to the best, providing you an easy and immediate access to weather updates, your emails and face book account and all current news. It also allows you to explore the Bing and make greater use of it. Bing toolbar is a very convenient toolbar, taking lesser space in your memory when compared to other toolbars. It makes everything you desire to access just a few seconds away and keeps you updated at every instant of your daily life.

The Bing toolbar, however, can be a cause of inconvenience sometimes and you might need be remove it. Under such case, you should be aware of the exact procedure to follow which not many people are fully aware of. Internet can provide you the correct way to follow in order to remove this unwanted toolbar. The steps for removing it from windows 7 are provided below.

remove bing toolbar in windows 7

Remove Bing toolbar in windows 7

Removing the Bing toolbar from windows 7 is only a matter of few easy steps and can be done with no difficulty at all. Following steps will make sure that your system is free of this toolbar

  • Go to the start button on your desktop and open control panel
  • Open “programs and features”
  • A list of recently added programs will appear on your screen and you would have to select bing toolbar.
  • Highlight the bing and uninstall t by right clicking on it.

The toolbar will be removed but it might still keep annoying you by popping up on the screen. To ensure its complete removal, you still have to go through certain steps.

  • Again open up your start menu and go to the control panel
  • Click on “add or remove program”
  • A list of added programs will once again appear on your screen.
  • Now to finally get rid of it, select bing.
  • Delete it by right clicking on it and selecting “delete”
  • The toolbar is now in your recycle bin
  • To completely remove it, delete it from your recycle bin as well.
  • To witness the effect of the changes you have made, restart the computer.

Make sure that you know the right method to follow and you don’t end up ruining your operating system by doing it the wrong way round. In case of any ambiguity, take help from the people who are expert in this regard and can guide you better.

Toolbars usually manage to get into your system when you are downloading any files or certain content using the internet. These toolbars are not always harmless. Sometimes they come with damaging hidden software, harming your operating system. They are also capable of exposing your confidential information thus knowing the correct method of deleting the malicious toolbars is very necessary.

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How to remove Yahoo toolbar

The yahoo toolbar facilitates the user by adding a yahoo mail as well as a yahoo search bar automatically to the browser in use, once it is installed in your system. However, one downfall of the toolbar is the hindrance in the proper functioning of your operating system. It might reduce the efficacy of your windows and reduce the browsing speed, causing much inconvenience to you. Thus, you must learn to remove it from your browser, whether you use internet explorer, Firefox, chrome or windows 7, XP or vista. Every browser has slightly different steps to remove this toolbar and can be done in no time.

how to remove yahoo toolbar

How to remove yahoo toolbar from Internet explorer

Uninstalling the toolbar from the internet explorer is just a few steps task and can be achieved via following easy steps.

  • On the upper right corner of your browser windows you will find a sprocket which you would need to click.
  • Now select “Manage Add-ons”
  • In the list of “toolbar and extensions”, find the toolbar to be removed
  • After selecting the yahoo toolbar, “disable” it to remove it from the internet explorer.

How to remove yahoo toolbar from Firefox

If you are a user of Firefox instead, deleting the yahoo toolbar is again not a difficult task. Follow the steps as given.

  • Bring your Firefox in a running mode
  • Locate the Firefox menu in the upper left corner of your browser
  • In the Firefox menu, go for the “Add ons”
  • In the “Extension” list, find the toolbar and then click on the yahoo toolbar
  • Now click on “disable” and your browser will no longer hold this toolbar

How to remove yahoo toolbar from Chrome

Deleting the yahoo toolbar from chrome is as easy as in other browsers with slight difference as follows.

  • On upper left corner of your chrome browser, you will find a 3 horizontal lined button.
  • Click this button and then select “settings”
  • In the settings, opt for “extensions”
  • Now look for this toolbar and instruct your browser to disable it.

Uninstalling yahoo toolbar from windows 7 or Windows vista

If the operating system you are using is either windows 7 or windows vista then following steps are needed to be taken to ensure the removal of yahoo toolbar.

  • From the start menu go to the “control panel”
  • Under the option of “programs”, go for “uninstall a program”
  • In the displayed list, pick the yahoo toolbar.
  • Right click on this toolbar and then select “Uninstall/change”
  • This will make sure that your operating system is free of yahoo toolbar now.

Removing the yahoo toolbar from windows XP

Following steps will help you to make your operating system free of yahoo toolbar

  • Once again, go to the control panel in the start menu.
  • Go for the “Add/remove program”
  • In the following list of installed programs, look out for yahoo toolbar.
  • A right click on the icon and “uninstalling” it will remove it from your windows XP.

Whatever operating system and browser you are using, you can easily remove the yahoo toolbar and free yourself from the inefficiency it causes.

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How to delete all bookmarks in Google chrome browser?

Many times while we are surfing or browsing, we come across certain content which seems useful and we might need to go through that again later. It may also happen that we are unable to go through the complete information and might need to view it later. Under such conditions, the easiest and obvious option available to us is to bookmark all these significant pages. This way we can avoid surfing through the internet once again and simple go to the page by clicking the bookmark.

However, you might sometimes find a need to undo you bookmarks when your computer is being shared among your coworkers and you don’t want your book marks to be visible to others. Sometimes you bookmark so many pages which become inconvenient for you to handle and you might need to delete few. This can be done in Google chrome’s way and in case of numberless bookmarks, Chrome provides you with the facility to delete all bookmarks at once.

How to delete all bookmarks in google chrome browser?

It is better to remove all your bookmarks once you have taken the desired task from them. This keeps your search and browsing habits unknown to others. Chrome provides multiple, easy ways to do this.

Delete your browsing history

The simplest way to get rid of your browsing data is to go to your privacy settings. All you have to do is to go to the wrench icon and approach your “personal stuff”. There, click on the “bookmarks” and instruct the server to remove them. This is one of the easiest ways to delete your browsing history.

Using bookmark manager to delete all the bookmarks

Chrome also allows you to remove all the bookmarks as html files, relocating them. To let this happen, go to the “settings” from the chrome browser menu. Go to the bookmark manager and delete the entire bookmark once by highlighting them and pressing Ctrl +A and delete.

how to delete all bookmarks in google chrome browser

Manual Steps

You can also do this manually in less than a minute. All you need to do is to press Shift+Ctrl+O together then by highlighting the bookmarks, pressing Ctrl+A and finally press “delete” to discard them

Deleting by making a folder

Another way is to create a folder of all the bookmarks. For this go to the wrench button on the chrome browser and select the bookmarks. Copy them all and paste them in a newly created folder. Delete the folder now.

how to delete all bookmarks in google chrome browser

Remove all chrome bookmarks from back up files

Removing the bookmarks from your backup files will leave you with no traces of the bookmarks at all. You would need to remove them from the dive C of your windows. Under the start menu, look for the bookmarks. Locate a default folder of them and delete them by right clicking on them. These bookmarks will be placed under the “programs and settings” and will be deleted after this action. However, you need to make sure that your browser was not running.

Hence, you have number of ways to remove the bookmarks and you can pick the one which seems most suited to you.

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