How to remove mapgalaxy toolbar

How Do I Permanently Get Rid Of The Mapgalaxy Toolbar?


As a browser user, you are constantly looking out for browser add-ons that promise to enhance your browsing experience. When this happens, you fall victim to malicious toolbar that promise to make browsing so much easier. One of these toolbars that cannot be trusted is the mapgalaxy toolbar. The reason people install this toolbar is because it promises to enhance their browsing experience and it also promises to offer directions, maps and traffic directions in real time.

This toolbar was created by mindspark and it mostly preys on Firefox and internet explorer browsers. While some users may install it out of their own free will, most of the time the mapgalaxy toolbar self installs into browsers. This is why it is categorized as an unwanted toolbar. Once it is in the system, it will start undertaking malicious activities that lead to serious performance Problems With the browser and PC. The mapgalaxy toolbar will change the homepage and default search engine to Once this happens, it becomes nearly impossible to effectively use the computer.

How to remove mapgalaxy toolbar – why it should be removed

If you are using mapgalaxy, you need to know that it offers more disadvantages than benefits and should therefore be removed immediately. Once the home page and default browser have been changed, all searches are redirected to advertisement websites. The owners of this websites are paid per click and are therefore interested in making you click on their links.

Mapgalaxy also causes your system and browser to run slower than normal and you are forced to wait for long to start, download or even view web pages. Mapgalaxy can eventually lead to complete system crash. Learn how to remove mapgalaxy using the steps below.

How to remove mapgalaxy toolbar

  • Restart your system and press f8 before the system completely loads.
  • Use the up and down arrow on keyboards to select safe mode and command prompt.
  • Press the enter button on your keyboard.
  • Go to the control panel and then to programs.
  • Go to uninstall program.
  •  Look for mapgalaxy toolbar and select it.
  • Click on remove to uninstall mapgalaxy.

Restart your system.