How to remove true suite toolbar

What Is The Importance Of A True Suite Toolbar?

True suite toolbar is biometric software mostly installed in the Toshiba laptops for the protection of data by use of passwords and fingerprints. Though passwords are one way of protecting personal details against interference, the use of fingerprint is more powerful. This system is mostly used when users are login in order to detect the rightful uses of that particular laptop by use of prints on advanced sensors. This software is only available on windows such as window 7, windows vista and windows 8.

Benefits of having a fingerprint reader


True suite toolbar was created by Microsoft in order to access data safely and so on. The system is user friendly and thus preferred by many people.

It also makes the digital world of using gadgets such as laptops more convenient, secure as well as more fun; it provides effortless access to files and folders as well as website log-ins.

Although suite is more powerful as compared to the password system, most users find it useless because anyone can access the system owing to the fact that the scanner or reader reads all prints giving access to all the users; therefore, you might find the need to disable or getting rid of the true suite toolbar.

Getting rid of true suite toolbar

  • From the start up menu, double click on true suite link listed in the list of currently installed programs
  • Access the program
  • At the bottom of that icon, click on delete fingerprints. This deletes all the details associated with the scanner
  • Click ok to confirm the prompt. This completely removes true suite from your system.
  • You could also try accessing the removal process from the utilities section on the laptop.

Removal process on windows vista

  • Open start menu
  • Click on control panel
  • Open the device manager’s window
  • Once the prompt box appears, click continue
  • Expand the information page by clicking the plus sign that is just next to the  reader
  • Double click on true suite toolbar  and scroll downwards in order to find the options  tab
  • Click remove to uninstall
  • Restart your system in order to re-launch it.