Privacy exe malware remove

How Can You Get Rid Of Privacy Exe Malware Remove


The privacy exe malware is fake protection software that was created by cyber criminals on November 2011 and has since then, it has been invading peoples systems.

The virus attacks a file the moment it starts running after download.the virus masks itself using the just downloaded file and once the computer starts to run programs, it is then that it starts to infect other systems.

That is not all; this virus is dangerous and could even render your system useless once it attacks as it also provides fake ways of fixing the problems it has on a system.

All the information provided by the privacy malware is bogus as there is no truth at all. Its alerts are fake, the software itself is fake and its scans are also fake and therefore the need to ignore it completely.

Why you should not download the exe privacy malware

The fact that this is not genuine software should click an idea to you as the user. A fake product produces fake results and thus the need to avoid it.

The exe privacy malware displays numerous results to the user in order for them to start thinking that their systems have been attacked by other malicious malware.

As mentioned earlier, this malware was created by criminals; therefore their main aim is not to benefit users but rather get money from them. Trying to get rid of the infections that this fake software claims to detect on your computer leads you to links that ask you to download more of their fake programs as well as pay for them in order to clean your system.

Since all the contents of the privacy software are fake, avoid purchasing them at all cost.

How to remove privacy exe malware

Below are a few steps to follow in order to clean your system.

  • Reboot the attacked computer and if off, switch it on
  • Once the computer is on, press F8 continuously in order to get access to the advanced menu options of the computer
  • Select safe mode boot from the bios menu options using the arrow keys  then click enter
  • Click and hold your windows key then R and click on this link then ok.
  • From this link, you can download a spyware removal.
  • Select run and confirm by clicking yes for the process to start
  • Once the scan finds the fake malware get rid of it by listing PC tools while still in the safe mode for the changes to occur.
  • Once the process is complete, you can now reboot your system normally.