How to remove ilivid toolbar

The ilivid toolbar is an application that easily finds its way into your computer without you having to do anything. It is an application that aims to detect malware. However it is a treacherous one as it tricks the user to install ilivid software in their system by showing them fake scans of viruses and various malwares. It will make your computer appear infected with numerous viruses and will provide you with sole option of installing ilivid software to get rid of these viruses. Also when it starts running, it will fraud you by showing false pop-ups and alarms which might make the unaware users very apprehensive and make their system appear infected more than normal.

Needless to say, it becomes necessary for the users to get rid of the ilivid software as soon as it appears on their screen. If you don’t get rid of this toolbar timely, it might get your computer into a lot of problems which otherwise wouldn’t have happened.  But the ways to get rid of this toolbar do exists and you need not be worried. However, it requires you to provide them with your personal information while you buy this software. One thing, however, is a matter of concern is that this information if goes into the hands of cyber criminals would be sufficient to disclose your identity and can make you the victim of financial crime.

how to remove ilivid toolbar

Why should ilivid toolbar be removed?

As informed earlier, ilivid toolbar automatically installs itself into the user’s system when the user is busy installing other useful softwares. It greatly disturbs the browser’s setting as well as effects its proper functioning once successfully installed. It also sets as the default homepage of your browser without you having any say in it. A very annoying malevolent act of it is to redirect your searches to various harmful and malware containing websites. It also sometimes leads you to different promotional websites, quite irrelevant to your search something you never asked for

It is, therefore, strongly recommended to avoid hovering over or clicking on any provided link on these websites as it may be a treacherous entry of a virus into your system. The online ads and pop-ups that appear on your screen randomly, causing you much inconvenience are also due to the ilivid software. These uncontrollable advertisements make it nearly impossible for you to work and leave you so frustrated that you are left with no option but to get rid of the ilivid as soon as possible.

How to remove ilivid toolbar?

Removing ilivid toolbar requires you to follow the simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Go to the program files
  • Look for the ilivid toolbar folder
  • Click on the folder and opt for “remove/uninstall” program
  • Now go to the add-ons list and disable this toolbar
  • Now make sure that your system is clean by making use of a security application. If you don’t have one, download it.