How to remove web of trust

Web of trust (WOT) is kind of service that facilities the people, especially those who are new to the internet by providing them with the ratings of different websites in a compiled form. This proves very helpful for the people in viewing any site as harmful or significant. People can know more about a website and whether it s save to use or not. The WOT ratings are not without proper authentication making sure whether a website is blacklisted by any anti-virus company or if it has any social links. As a result, you can totally rely on the WOT ratings.

how to remove web of trust

Biggest ratings of the “web of trust” system come from the regular users of these websites. They votes they cast have a greater say in how a website is ranked. The software has a way of making sure that there is no rigging in the ranking and everything has been done justly. For this, WOT uses Bayesian algorithm to find the details of the user, basically their reputation and a lot other fact.

Described bellow is the way to remove the Web of Trust if you find its need in any case.

How to remove Web of Trust using WOT service

WOT has been a remarkable asset of removing malware and against phishing. It also provides its user with the facility to leave a comment when they have ranked a website. This way it becomes easier for the new users to judge a particular website and make up their minds whether to use it or not. WOT also enables you to leave a decisive comment which has more direct relation with the website and can seldom be harmful. Such services are readily available to you but it is advisable if you rate only those websites that you have paid a visit to personally. In this way it will be ensured that you casted a vote such that it fulfilled the set criteria of that particular website.

It seldom happens that people have complaint with this software which actually makes things easier for them. Sometimes, however, software might not work so smoothly and you might encounter a need to remove it. You might want your browser free of everything and under such cases you need to learn to remove WOT from your browser.

Mentioned below are precise steps to remove the web of trust.

  • Close all the applications and open PC
  • From the start button, go to the control panel.
  • Now choose, “add/remove program” option.
  • In the displayed list, pick up WOT.
  • Right click it and instruct it to be “uninstalled”
  • Now restart your system for the changes to be implemented.

Your browser is now free of the “web of trust” service and you no longer have an access to the ranking of different websites.