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How to turn off the pop up blocker in Google chrome

A pop up blocker proves very beneficial when it comes to blocking up the unnecessary and irritating pop ups like various advertisements and random windows appearing on the website you are visiting. It saves up your time and energy both but if a pop up blocker is set on then there’s quite a possibility that it will block of the necessary and valuable pop ups as well. There by interfering with important secondary windows and not showing up various forms, important announcements and documents, pop up blockers leaves you in a disadvantage. Some pop up blockers are also linked with multiple websites. One you click a pop up, it opens several other windows for you. Therefore, you might find a need to go to the setting area and disable these pop up blockers.

How to turn off the pop up blocker in Google chrome

Disabling pop up blocker of chrome requires you to follow few simple and quick steps and once accomplished you no longer will be denied the access to significant pop ups.

  • First of all, open the chrome browser
  • Begin with clicking on the top right of the browser that reads “customize and control Google chrome”

how to turn off the pop up blocker in google chrome


  • Now locate the “settings” and click on it. Once done, a new window wil be opened in front of you.
  • Scroll down the page until you find, “show advanced settings”
  • Once you open the advanced settings, you will have to locate “content setting option” and click on it.
  • You can now see a section related to pop ups. Here you will find a circle in front of the words “allow all sites to show pop ups”. You will have to click that circle.

how to turn off the pop up blocker in google chrome


  • Close your browser now and in order to make sure it is disabled properly, restart your browser again. It is likely that the browser will be disabled.

Disabling the pop up blocker will make sure that you don’t miss any pop up that might be of significant use to you but a drawback includes receiving other irrelevant pop ups as well.

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How to block unwanted sites in Internet Explorer

Internet is the sole and most popular source of providing unlimited and authentic information all around the globe. But with its countless benefits comes little harm among which one is the exposure of undesirable content to the young ones who do not know how to make the right use of internet. The inappropriate content displayed by few websites can easily be made available to your child therefore it becomes very important to keep your child safe by blocking all the sites showing nasty content. Some of these sites may involve phising while others may be related to pornography.

Internet explorer can free you from this apprehension and lesson your concern as it comes with an inbuilt feature to block all the websites with unwanted stuff. Those who use Internet Explorer as their browser need not to worry. The following steps will help you block the unwanted sites on the Internet explorer.

How To Block Unwanted Sites In Internet Explorer:-

  • Open Internet explorer and go to the “tools”
  • A drop down menu will appear in front of you once you click the gear button.
  • Select internet option which will direct you to the internet options page.
  • You are now required to click o the security tab followed by the “restricted area”
  • In order to open the list that shows the sites that needs to be restricted, click on “sites”
  • In the space provided, enter the website you which to block and not be accessible to anyone when surfed through your internet explorer.
  • After providing the correct address of the website you wish to block, press “add”.
  • Now click “close” and in the internet option windows, press OK.

How to check whether the blocked website is actually blocked?

In order to confirm that the website you have blocked is actually blocked, follw the steps provided.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Now type the URL of the website you have blocked in the tab and press enter. It will direct you to a blank page and will not open anything.

On the other hand if you want to undo your procedure or you wish to remove the restriction from any website, go to the restricted sites window again. Search for the website you want to unblock from the list of blocked websites. Click on

“Remove” and close your windows. Now restart your windows and surf again to access the recently unblocked website.

This simple procedure will help you to block all the websites you think are inappropriate for your children. You can easily unblock them for your convenience too.


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How to remove Skype click to call chrome plug-in

Once you download the Skype click to call plug-in and install it into your system, it facilitates you to great extent by allowing calls to be made from the chrome browser. Once installed, its activation would require you to restart your browser. After installation, it only requires you to click on a certain contact in your list and your call is made. This is made possible by this plug-in by allowing the browser in use to access the names, phone numbers, email addresses and sometimes even the email messages and using the Skype icon, it highlights this information.

However, one drawback of this plug-in is that it also allows other toolbars to be installed with it. These toolbars might contain a malicious virus or malware that may adversely affect your system. Seldom, they also lessen the speed of your windows hence proving very problematic. Removing these toolbars thus means to remove the Skype click to call plug-in from the browser as well.

how to remove skype click to call chrome plugin

How to remove Skype click to call chrome plug-in

Sometimes when you are working with different software, this Skype click to call plug-in can prove very frustrating. In order to make your browser run effectively, removing this plug-in is the only suitable option you can opt for. Removing the Skype click to call plugin does not at all means that your Skype will not function now. The Skype would be as effective as before and no changes will be experience in its function. The following steps will help you get rid of this annoying plug-in in no time.

  • Make sure that no browse in your system is running while you aim to delete the plugin
  • From the “start” button, go to your control panel
  • Now, locate the programs and features and then click on “uninstall the program” option
  • A dropdown list will appear and you will be required to select Skype click to call program
  • Once you have located it, click on “uninstall” to eliminate it from your browser
  • A new window will now appear in front of you asking you whether you want to remove, repair or change the Skype click to call plugin
  • Since you want to remove it, you will instruct it to do so.

Why should Skype click to call chrome plug-in be removed?

Although this plug-in can sometimes bring you great benefits but as mentioned earlier, this plug-in provides a way for several other malicious toolbars to be installed as well. This happened absolutely without your consent and brings the speed and effectiveness of your system as well as browser down. It can also disclose your personal information hence proving a threat to you.


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How to install a pop up blocker in Google chrome for free

We all have gone through the most irritating moments while working on internet when out of nowhere we encounter unnecessary, annoying advertisements covering the entire screen of our computer. Yes these are the pop ups which can appear anytime. Nothing can be more irritating then this while you are working on something very significant. Hence, a proficient and fine pop up blocker is need to block all the undesirable pop ups appearing on your screen and interfering with your work. These pop ups can sometimes also intervene with your system’s security by sending malevolent code to your computer.

Pop up blocker works by hindering all the unfavorable pop ups that appears on your screen. All you need to do is to make sure you install a suitable pop up blocker allowing it to prevent the pop ups from harming your computer. Chrome store provides you with a variety of effective pop up blockers and requires you to download and install it in your system by following few simple steps as described.

How To Install A Pop Up Blocker In Google Chrome For Free:-

  • Visit the chrome web store by clicking on the following link
  • In the bar that show the words “search the store”, type “pop up blocker” and press enter to allow it to display the results.
  • All the available extensions will be shown like this

how to install a pop up blocker in google chrome for free

  • Carefully read the specifications of all the provided pop up blockers in the list and select the most appropriate one.
  • Once selected, click on the button that reads “Add to chrome” which will then display a confirmation message like this

how to install a pop up blocker in google chrome for free


  • Since you are sure to install this blocker, press “add” and after a few seconds, this pop up blocker will be a part of your chrome browser.

Now restart your system and open chrome browser once again. Go to the “tools” followed by “extensions” and check if the added pop up blocker is set “on” or not. If it is set “off” then it won’t be able to perform its function. “Enable” it and enjoy internet surfing without the interference of these pop ups.

Now you are possessing an effective pop up blocker which makes sure that nothing interrupts you while you are working and keeps your system from being harmed by these malicious and annoying pop ups. They also take care that the user browses fast and safely without letting these pop ups wasting any of their significant time, making their surfing easy.

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How To Remove ATI drivers

Operating specifically on various Microsoft windows version and linux system, Ati driver is a crucial program running via a video card. Whenever the driver software is unstable, it will send error messages to you thus indicating that the tool is not running effectively. A removal tool specific for the Ati program is a must need no matter if you are a user of 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. The need for this usually arises when you have to remove a rather useless Ati driver and the application which are now old. The removal process might cause a little problem for which you need to make sure that your system is cleaned up prior removal by making use of a removal tool.

The Ati driver removal tool aims to facilitate you by removing the unwanted programs automatically since it is designed and developed to do so. However, this doesn’t mean that a manual removal of the driver is not possible. To remove the driver manually, you need to

  • Go to the control panel via the start button
  • Now opt for “system and security” followed by choosing “system”
  • In the system, pick “device manager”
  • Now uninstall the driver software
  • Restart your system and you will be free of the driver software
  • You can now install a new one

The manual process is not so much efficient sometimes and you require appropriate removing program to ensure that all of the application is removed from your system. Make sure that your system is fully cleaned before you opt for installing a new driver. For this, you need to look for a very compatible remover and allow it to clean your PC.

How to use Ati driver removal tools

With advancement in IT and technology, the drivers have modernized too. These softwares now come with better displays, color, graphics, capacity as well as video acceleration. With improved digital applications, this software contributes to greater multimedia benefits. Seldom, you are left with no choice but to replace the older versions of Ati driver with the new ones. The simple and automatic process asks you t run the cleaning device by clicking through the scanning process. Using a safe mode for this process is advisable.

  • Run your browser
  • Search for a suitable site to download the Ati driver removal
  • Choose your processor type
  • Now choose the computer device you are using i.e. desktop, mobile or a laptop
  • You will now find a video series category, click on it
  • Download the tool and run it on your system

An uninstaller is efficient when you fail to uninstall the driver manually. Drivers from the windows application can also be removed by following the command prompt instruction. This will make your work a lot easier.

How to remove Ati drivers effectively

Waiting for the process to reach its completion is always recommended before proceeding any further. New program cannot be installed unless you don’t get rid of the one already installed in your system. The Ati driver removal will now make sure that you sufficient space for the new softwares you wish to install.

how to remove ati drivers

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How to remove ads on twitter which are promoted tweets

Twitter is a social networking site gaining much popularity over the years. It is a platform which allows you to share your thoughts, messages and whatever is in your mind in 140 words in the form of “Tweets”. It also enables you to retweet someone and favorite any tweet that you liked. People follow you randomly and the more followers you gain, the more popular your account will be. Some tweets may be directly addressed to you which the twitter calls “mentions”.

Sometimes, however, you might receive constantly promoted ads in the form of tweets which might be very frustrating for you. These ads are directed to you by the twitter account, taking up a greater part of your screen thus annoying you. You might need to get rid of these irritating ads. This article will help you learn a correct method to do this.

Sign in to your twitter account

  • Go to the official twitter website,, and a sign in page will appear.
  • Provide all the necessary information it requires for you to sign in.
  • Now look for the promoted tweet that will most probably be a promoted ad which might look somehow like this.

how to remove ads on twitter

  • This ad is promoted by twitter account and whether you want it or not it appears on your timeline but you need not to get apprehensive as it can be removed easily.

How To Remove Ads On Twitter

Removing all the annoying, useless promoted ads is only a matter of one click. It hardly takes a minute and sets you free of being irritated. All you are required to do is to locate a promoted ad and then search for a sign that will help to remove it i.e. a “dismiss” sign. Once you find a dismiss link with a small cross beside it, click on it in order to make is disappear from your timeline. It’s this easy.

how to remove ads on twitter

One thing however you should keep in mind is that this a way to permanently get rid of these ads. The above explained method is a temporary measure which will make the promoted ad invisible for a time period and allow you to enjoy other tweets.

A permanent method, on the other hand, can be installing appropriate add-ons in your browser which will allow you to block all kinds of ads in various websites. These add-ons are available to you in the browser gallery and you can easily have your pick. Once installed, you will enjoy tweeting without being disturbed by these pointless promoted ads.


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How to Uninstall Flash Player

Prior getting free of Flash player, it is very important being aware of its specifications which usually involve its version, location and description. Whether it’s a movie file or a video, what window application it is stored in and whether its among the new files is the kind of information you should have before deciding to delete it. The chrome facilitates you by coming with an inbuilt Flash player which makes the removal a lot easier. The steps involved are simple; however, problem might arise when you are inefficient in deleting all the programs in which case the removal might prove time-consuming.

Reasons for failure of uninstall

The plug-ins installed in chrome often result in very poor performance of various video clips. As a result, the problematic application must be removed through an appropriate procedure. Chrome solves this problem for you. It has a section dedicated to the plug-ins and requires you to go through the details and scroll down to disable your flash player.

In order to make sure that you were successful in removing the flash player, search for the version of your flash player online. You would know that you removed it effectively if it shows the missing plug-in. This usually happens because a lot of errors are possible while you uninstall the flash player. It is also recommended that all the application that might possibly be running flash player should be ceased. One such application is instant messenger. Once you are done, restart your system.

How to uninstall flash player from Computer drive

As advised before, be aware of the location of the program you are going to uninstall. The chrome uninstaller has the ability to remove the plug-ins from the operating system of your computer provided it is stored in Windows application. Chrome allows you to use control panel for deleting the flash player. In the option of “uninstall programs” choose flash player and uninstall it simply by clicking on it.

how to uninstall flash player

How to uninstall Flash player Using Chrome mobile

If instead you are the user of flash player in your mobile then in order to uninstall it, chrome would lead you to the settings of your program. The chrome uninstaller is effectively applicable to both the mobile as well as computer. Going to the default settings will help you to uninstall it.

  • In your browser address, type chrome:plugins
  • You are no viewing the plug-ins page
  • You are now required to disable the flash player
  • Restart your system in order to experience the change.

This is supportive in windows, MAC, linux as well as the MAC programs. All of these come with their own plug-ins in the chrome. Following the provided instructions carefully will help you to get rid of this software successfully.

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How To Remove Zeus Trojan Virus From Your Computer

Zeus Trojan virus is a very perilous and risky virus which can find its way into your system easily, harming it very badly. It can be associated mischievously with any link and once you click the link, it easily seeps into your system. Links to different face book pages are its favorite way to get in and once in, it will not be detected easily hence proving very malicious. A very menacing thing about Zeus Trojan virus is its ability to steal your money if you login to any bank website. One cannot just simply let this happen and needs a strong protection for their computer.  Methods to completely remove this virus from your computer do exists and different tools are involved in them. Some of the effective methods are explained as follows.

How to Remove Zeus Trojan virus from your computer by running an antivirus scan

Select a renowned vendor and look for a suitable antivirus after thoroughly studying its specification. Download it and allow it fully scan your computer and check for any Trojan virus that might be harming your system secretly. Once any virus is detected, let your antivirus remove it. This tool will allow you to remove any kind of infection from your system and in order to enjoy virus-free windows, restart your computer.

how to remove zeus trojan virus from your computer

Manual Virus removal process

A manual process of removing the virus also exists. Here are the steps you should follow to remove the Trojan virus manually.

  • Restart your computer in safe mode

Once you restart your computer, keep pressing F8 till boot up options appear on your screen. Click on the provided option “Start computer in safe mode” and allow your system to boot.

  • Cease all the programs in task manager

Make sure that the programs specially associated with the virus are terminated. From the options, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and opt for “Start Task manager”. Look for all the suspicious appearing programs in the processes tab and by clicking on the “end program” option, terminate them.

  • Delete the virus containing files

Look for all the doubtful files and folders which might in any way be affected by the Trojan virus. Once you find them, press CTLR+ALT+DELETE and get rid of them

  • Remove the registry values related to the virus
  1. In the start menu, go for the option of “Run”
  2. Type “regedit.exe” and click “Ok” in the command box that opens. Registry editor windows open now.
  3. In order to start the search dialogue box, press CTRL
  4. Allow the search box to find Trojan virus by typing the name and the results will be displayed in the right pane of the windows. All these files are associated with Trojan virus with first found registry being highlighted.
  5. Right click on it and “delete” it and select “yes” for confirmation box.
  6. Repeat the above step for all the virus linked registries until all the defected files are deleted
  7. Restart your computer now and it will be free of the Trojan virus.
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How to delete Google bookmarks

Many times while we are surfing or browsing, we come across certain content which seems useful and we might need to go through that again later. It may also happen that we are unable to go through the complete information and might need to view it later. Under such conditions, the easiest and obvious option available to us is to bookmark all these significant pages. Google provides a very facilitating option of bookmark service for storing important data. These bookmarks come free of cost being available to all those with Google accounts.  This way we can avoid surfing through the internet once again and simple go to the page by clicking the bookmark.

Simply by signing in to their respective Gmail accounts, the Google user can enjoy all the saved bookmarks no matter if they are using a different computer. Different firefox extensions and web interface are also present with the sole function of managing different bookmarks and hence you can also make use og=f them.

However, you might sometimes find a need to undo you bookmarks when your computer is being shared among your coworkers and you don’t want your book marks to be visible to others. Sometimes you bookmark so many pages which become inconvenient for you to handle and you might need to delete few. Provided beneath is the correct way to do it.

How Google toolbar works and how to delete the bookmarks in Google?

It is important to be fully aware of the proper functioning of Google toolbar before deciding to get rid of the bookmarks you have saved up. Via third party tools and webs you can make and access your bookmarks easily, through any system. Firefox, for instance works by making a link between your Gmail account and the bookmarks, coordinating all the information of your bookmarks with your account. A functioning JavaScript is present for the purpose of creating bookmarks for an opened window. Users are free to import this functionality to other browsers. Gmail ensure the secrecy and security of the bookmarks associated with your account which appears to you alone when you sign up with your account. Google bookmarks also allow you to make use of bookmarked pages, labels, notes and different pages as well.

How to delete Google bookmarks

“Other bookmarks” is one option where you can have your bookmarks stored which makes it disappear from the bar of bookmarks. This folder doesn’t show the content it contains on the toolbar although you cannot completely remove the folder. Even if the folder is hidden, you can still continue adding more bookmarks to it via bookmark manager. Following easy steps will help you to delete the unwanted bookmarks.

  • Go to the bookmark manager
  • Select the bookmark that you want to delete and right click on it.
  • Click on “delete” from the provided options.

However, if instead of deleting individual bookmarks, you delete the folder, all the content it consisted of will be deleted automatically.

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How to block ads in yahoo mail

Yahoo mail has been consistently a matchless option in providing the service of sending and receiving mails. Hardly any person with an internet access is not availing this facility and yahoo has always managed to satiate its user in the long run. Yahoo has, however, started showing ads on their pages which is purely because of the commercial reasons. But many people have found this frustrating as well as distracting and they want a solution to get rid of them. The solutions are present. The users need not to e disappointed as in no time they can get rid of these nasty and unnecessary ads.

how to block ads in yahoo mail

How To Block ads in Yahoo mail through “Hide Advertisement”

The most advantageous thing about yahoo is that it consists in itself an option that allows you to block the useless ads. All you need to do is to go to the yahoo mail pages where you will find an arrow on the left of the ads/banners. The words saying “hide advertisements” will appear as soon as you hover on this arrow. The advertisements will be hidden once you click on it but temporarily. Refreshing the page will make these advertisements appear again hence it is not a permanent solution to your problem

Update yahoo to mail plus

Since the above provided solution is just for short-term and hides the ads temporarily, a more permanent solution is here. Upgrading the ads to yahoo mail plus will get you rid of these ads permanently.  You are required to click the lick given to go to the yahoo mail plus.

One thing that might concern you is that you would need to pay $19.99 in order to buy the upgrade but it will only cost you $2 a month which will not leave you burdened. The greater benefit of switching to yahoo mail plus is the extra functions of it that you can enjoy now. You can create disposable address, no account expiration, spam filters and much more.

Other than this very convenient option, other solutions are also present but they are specific for the browser you are using. Every browser has various extensions which helps you to remove these unnecessary ads appearing. It then depends on your suitability what you opt for.


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