Uninstall contribute toolbar: successfully uninstall or remove the contribute toolbar

How To Uninstall Contribute Toolbar

Contribute toolbar is simply an add on program which appears on the web browser that you are using and Microsoft office whenever adobe contribute CS3 or adobe contribute 4 is installed to your personal computer. The toolbar is a web management and web publishing tool which integrates publishing, authoring and reviewing in a special kind of editor, WYSIWYG HTML editor. The purpose for doing so is so as to increase the productivity of web publishing in a collaborative way while simplifying approval tasks and oversight. The contribute toolbar consists of two components, a publishing server and a client for editing. The toolbar also has an in browser component for editing, which works as a plug in for the very recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft internet explorer. Contribute is designed in such a way that it integrates with adobe Dreamweaver and other products from adobe.

The toolbar, just like any other toolbar, can cause or make your computer be slow in performance. There may come a point where you will no longer be in need or use the contribute toolbar. You can now safely uninstall or remove it following the simple guidelines below.

How to remove contribute toolbar

From internet explorer

  • Click in the tools option, followed by manage add-ons. A new window will be displayed
  • Choose the adobe toolbar and click on disable which is in the settings section

Click on OK so as to save the changes that you have made. When you launch the internet explore again, you should no longer see the contribute toolbar since it should be already uninstalled. You do not have to be computer geek to perform this simple task

 Microsoft office

  • Close the contribute toolbar and any other Microsoft office program.
  • Click on my computer which is on the desktop and press enter.
  • Navigate your way to program files, click on it and press enter.
  • Right click on the file office plugin.dll and click on rename. Rename the file \OfficePlugin.old\
  • The toolbar is now successfully un installed.