How to block pornography sites on safari browser?

Access to pornography was never as easy as it s today, making internet a matter of concern for parents all around although previously it has been a technological adoption around the globe. Parents can make an appropriate choice of what is better and what not but it does not go with the children and with such an easy access to such sites, it leaves parents in a constant state of apprehension. Parents cannot leave their children free to see whatever they want and must keep a check on what their children are exposed to.

What bothers the parents more is the deplorable fact that there are a lot more pornography sites running live in a minute then there is the helpful information. This is a serious tragedy, causing much trouble and inconvenience to the parents. Parents are left with no option but to learn to delete all the pornography sites. Even with this desire, people might find it difficult to block pornography on MAC. However, there are tools that provide you with the facility to remove the pornography and make sure that your child does not accidentally come across anything undesirable while surfing through the internet.

How To Block Pornography Sites On Safari Browser:-

Blocking pornography sites on Safari is not an entirely impossible task as many people perceive. It requires you to make the use of built in controls. You have the options to set every user account with varying levels of control depending on your operating system. Editing of the host files is the best way to do so. This will prevent safari’s access to various pornography sites. You would also be required to redirect all the blocked pornography sites to your system so that it becomes unable for your browser to even locate such websites. The steps below will ensure that your browser does not display any undesirable content, keeping your children harmless.

  • Open your Safari browser and go to the “preferences”
  • Go to the menu and select security, unchecking “enable parental control”
  • Close the preference tab by entering the password.
  • Now you are required to remove all the websites that are not allowed while bookmark all other allowed websites.
  • Once again go the security tab and make sure that your “enable parental check” is set right.
  • Now again enter the password and save your settings.
  • All the websites that you haven’t bookmarked will be be made unavailable to this user account.
  • Now you will be required to do this with other user accounts as well.

All the pornography sites will automatically be blocked hence keeping your children inaccessible to anything that might be inappropriate for them to see. This few minutes task will make sure that you can open any website anywhere without a risk of displaying foul content and that your children are at safe hands. You don’t even have to worry about the companionship you are in before opening any website as any pornography content is automatically instructed by the blocker to be blocked.  Enjoy safe, sound and pornography-free internet anywhere and anytime.