Remove Bing toolbar in windows 7

Bing toolbar is an add on that facilitates you to the best, providing you an easy and immediate access to weather updates, your emails and face book account and all current news. It also allows you to explore the Bing and make greater use of it. Bing toolbar is a very convenient toolbar, taking lesser space in your memory when compared to other toolbars. It makes everything you desire to access just a few seconds away and keeps you updated at every instant of your daily life.

The Bing toolbar, however, can be a cause of inconvenience sometimes and you might need be remove it. Under such case, you should be aware of the exact procedure to follow which not many people are fully aware of. Internet can provide you the correct way to follow in order to remove this unwanted toolbar. The steps for removing it from windows 7 are provided below.

remove bing toolbar in windows 7

Remove Bing toolbar in windows 7

Removing the Bing toolbar from windows 7 is only a matter of few easy steps and can be done with no difficulty at all. Following steps will make sure that your system is free of this toolbar

  • Go to the start button on your desktop and open control panel
  • Open “programs and features”
  • A list of recently added programs will appear on your screen and you would have to select bing toolbar.
  • Highlight the bing and uninstall t by right clicking on it.

The toolbar will be removed but it might still keep annoying you by popping up on the screen. To ensure its complete removal, you still have to go through certain steps.

  • Again open up your start menu and go to the control panel
  • Click on “add or remove program”
  • A list of added programs will once again appear on your screen.
  • Now to finally get rid of it, select bing.
  • Delete it by right clicking on it and selecting “delete”
  • The toolbar is now in your recycle bin
  • To completely remove it, delete it from your recycle bin as well.
  • To witness the effect of the changes you have made, restart the computer.

Make sure that you know the right method to follow and you don’t end up ruining your operating system by doing it the wrong way round. In case of any ambiguity, take help from the people who are expert in this regard and can guide you better.

Toolbars usually manage to get into your system when you are downloading any files or certain content using the internet. These toolbars are not always harmless. Sometimes they come with damaging hidden software, harming your operating system. They are also capable of exposing your confidential information thus knowing the correct method of deleting the malicious toolbars is very necessary.