Is facebook chat private or public?

One of the frequently used and most popular facebook features is its chat feature. But before using it, you should be assured of whether it is completely safe and private. Certainly, facebook has designed this feature to be secure, private and confidential only with the person you chat. But lately, some facts have come to light that, for some users, Facebook chat become open and their private chats went public via Wall Posts. So one may ask now – Is facebook chat private or public?

is facebook chat private or public

All this occurred because of the virus that struck some users lately. It made the private chats visible to other users on this timeline. The chief purpose of this virus was to make Facebook stop its messenger service. This matter is taken on serious heights as the secrecy was on disclosure and the private chats could become visible to all of your friends without being in the knowledge of user. These chats can be seen on timeline year wise in Posted by Friends section. This is something of serious harm and cannot just be let go so easily and hence it is necessary that you learn the proper way of making all your faceook chats secure.
How to be assured for not being attacked by the virus?

To get assured that you are not being attacked by this lethal virus which is exposing your private chat by posting it on your timeline, follow the following simple steps.

  1. Open your Facebook profile and go to your timeline.
  2. Look through your timeline by each year by clicking on the specific year on right side of your profile.
  3. Explore your timeline until you find “Posts by Friends” box.
  4. Review it for all the old private messages. If you can see your private chat messages there then its a sure thing that you have been attacked by this virus.
  5. You don’t have to worry about it. To the right of the box of each message, you will find a hide button. Simply hide the box from the timeline and do this for all the messages on the timeline for this year.
  6. Now repeat this for each of the years on your timeline if needed.

These steps will make your all the exposed private messages go hidden. But it is very important that you must also remove this virus.  For this, get a good antivirus and install it in your system. Scan all the viruses and remove them from the system. You must also change your facebook password for further security purposes. Moreover, remove all the suspicious facebook apps from your Apps List. You can also explore more on this issue on Facebook Help Section on facebook.