How to remove kmplayer toolbar?

The kmplayer has never left its users disappointed. This freeware media player is the appropriate tool for playing all kinds of media formats which includes DVD, VCD, 3GP, OGM and Quick time. Damaged AVI files and all the locked media which most of the other players don’t support can be played easily on kmplayer. Not just this but it also provides you with the facility to download and share compressed audio albums. Being a freeware media player, it brings all kinds of media to your access.

Kmplayer has successfully managed to improve its functionality with the advancement in the technology and various subtitles in the media can now be handled with great ease. One remarkable feature that this player has is its ability to capture videos, audios and different screen shots. However, if you find the toolbar for this player of no particular importance then you should remove it in order to create more space for some useful data.

Why should you remove Kmplayer?

People can have different reasons for getting rid of this toolbar but the most common reasons include cleaning up your system using various clean-up softwares in order to create more space for other valuable data. Also, the toolbars that are corrupt and have lost their need might need to be removed now. Some people who have been using this toolbar for long and yet do not have any complaint to make might want to shift to an alternative. The toolbar, no doubt, occupies a larger part of the available space and might result in a sluggish speed. The frustration you undergo because on this slow speed might become one of the reason for you in deciding to get rid of it. Whatever might be your reason, you would have to learn to delete this toolbar from your browser.
Steps mentioned below will help you to do so easily, restoring the efficacy of your system.

How to remove kmplayer toolbar

One very convenient thing about the kmplayer is that you don’t have to be a computer expert to get rid of it successfully. Following the simple and quick steps described below will make your browser free of this toolbar hence maintaining the speed back to normal.

  • From the start button, go to the control panel and select “add/remove” program.
  • From the displayed list of the added programs, select the kmplayer.
  • Instruct it to “uninstall” this toolbar.

how to remove kmplayer toolbar

  • Click “yes” to give your consent for the removal.
  • Now reboot your system once and once you log in, your browser will be free of this toolbar.

There is another method to perform this action as well in case you didn’t succeed with the first.

  • Go to the local disk (C) in My computers.
  • Search for the kmplayer toolbar in the list of programs.
  • The un-installation process will initiate once you highlight the program and delete it.
  • Click “yes” when it asks you “do you want to delete all”
  • Once the un-installation is complete, close the window and enjoy a kmplayer toolbar-free browser.