How to fix the chrome when it is running slow

Current statistics confirm that chrome has been successful in leaving behind all other browse majorly because of its tremendous processing speed of JavaScript. Simple yet stable, chrome never disappoints its users when it comes to the application performance which has been agreed upon by a number of websites. Chrome does not render RSS feed and all these strengths and efficacy simply distinguishes the chrome from all other browser bringing it to the limelight.

Despite of such extraordinary features, many complaints have been received recently of the hindrance in the smooth running of the chrome. People have been facing issues of slow running of the chrome causing them much inconvenience and proving time-consuming. Many reasons can explain the inefficiency of chrome and the issue can be solved easily.

How to fix the chrome when it is running slow?

Many of the possible reasons that your chrome has suddenly started acting sluggishly are the number of extensions you have added to your chrome. The unwanted plug-in and the browsing data also effects the speed of the chrome to a great extent. Once running smoothly, your chrome can slow down because of these reasons and you need to fix it back to a speedy mode again.

One effective way to fasten the chrome is to disable all the unnecessary plug-in which might have come as default when you installed the chrome to your system. These plug-ins allow the chrome to access and run programs which your computer otherwise might not need. These may include Flash, java, windows media and Silverlight. These programs are not at all necessary for your browsing but the plug in enables them thus making the speed of your browser considerably low.

All you are required to do to gain back the swiftness is to disable the undesirable plug ins. A simple step to do so is to write “about:plugins” in the chrome address bar and press “enter”. Once instructed to do so, the browser will present a list of plug ins to you asking you to pick the ones causing trouble. The selected plug ins will be successfully removed from your browser.

how to fix the chrome when it is running slow

You are further required to make your chrome inaccessible to your browsing data by clearing it. This is because the database of the chrome history can recollect the URLS and texts from the visited sites, cookies and the downloads. This renders your browser slow and time-consuming. In order to clear the previously browsed data, go to the wrench icon of the toolbar followed by tools and in the dropdown menu appearing in front of you, click to the “clear browsing history”. You have now made sure that there is no hindrance in the smooth running of you chrome.

how to fix the chrome when it is running slow

What to do when web pages are not loading or loading slowly?

The inactive loading of the web pages can be very infuriating to the user working on something important. The following steps will help you to ensure the smooth functioning of your server.

  • Open the pages you wish to view in incognito window
  • Check if there is any error message
  • Scan the settings of the antivirus and firewall installed in your system
  • Make sure that your chrome is not disallowed in Predict temporary disabled network
  • Finally ensure that there is no malware.