How to delete all bookmarks in Google chrome browser?

Many times while we are surfing or browsing, we come across certain content which seems useful and we might need to go through that again later. It may also happen that we are unable to go through the complete information and might need to view it later. Under such conditions, the easiest and obvious option available to us is to bookmark all these significant pages. This way we can avoid surfing through the internet once again and simple go to the page by clicking the bookmark.

However, you might sometimes find a need to undo you bookmarks when your computer is being shared among your coworkers and you don’t want your book marks to be visible to others. Sometimes you bookmark so many pages which become inconvenient for you to handle and you might need to delete few. This can be done in Google chrome’s way and in case of numberless bookmarks, Chrome provides you with the facility to delete all bookmarks at once.

How to delete all bookmarks in google chrome browser?

It is better to remove all your bookmarks once you have taken the desired task from them. This keeps your search and browsing habits unknown to others. Chrome provides multiple, easy ways to do this.

Delete your browsing history

The simplest way to get rid of your browsing data is to go to your privacy settings. All you have to do is to go to the wrench icon and approach your “personal stuff”. There, click on the “bookmarks” and instruct the server to remove them. This is one of the easiest ways to delete your browsing history.

Using bookmark manager to delete all the bookmarks

Chrome also allows you to remove all the bookmarks as html files, relocating them. To let this happen, go to the “settings” from the chrome browser menu. Go to the bookmark manager and delete the entire bookmark once by highlighting them and pressing Ctrl +A and delete.

how to delete all bookmarks in google chrome browser

Manual Steps

You can also do this manually in less than a minute. All you need to do is to press Shift+Ctrl+O together then by highlighting the bookmarks, pressing Ctrl+A and finally press “delete” to discard them

Deleting by making a folder

Another way is to create a folder of all the bookmarks. For this go to the wrench button on the chrome browser and select the bookmarks. Copy them all and paste them in a newly created folder. Delete the folder now.

how to delete all bookmarks in google chrome browser

Remove all chrome bookmarks from back up files

Removing the bookmarks from your backup files will leave you with no traces of the bookmarks at all. You would need to remove them from the dive C of your windows. Under the start menu, look for the bookmarks. Locate a default folder of them and delete them by right clicking on them. These bookmarks will be placed under the “programs and settings” and will be deleted after this action. However, you need to make sure that your browser was not running.

Hence, you have number of ways to remove the bookmarks and you can pick the one which seems most suited to you.