How to remove delta search virus?

Delta search virus is a browser hijacker tool and when installed into your system and annoys user by redirecting the searches to It completely hijacks your browser by changing its settings through computer’s DNS settings, default search engine settings and changes the homepage settings. The motive of the delta search virus is to make it popular by redirecting users to their site and it affects all types of browsers. Therefore it is important to know how to remove delta search virus from the computer and the browsers.

How a computer gets infected by Delta search virus?

Delta search virus is generally installed when you download and install other freeware which are promoting them. It may come bundled with those freeware and due to small negligence you install this search virus too. The other reason may be visiting an infected site which also adds this virus to your computer.

How to get rid of delta search virus?

Uninstall the Delta Search through Control Panel – The first method is to removing it through Control Panel.

  1. Go to start menu and choose Control Panel
  2. Click “Uninstall a Program” which opens list of programs installed in the computer.
  3. Search for delta search program and related program in the list.
  4. When found click on the program and click “Uninstall”.
  5. After clicking Uninstall follow the instructions until you totally remove Delta Search from the computer.
  6. Restart the computer to bring effect to the changes.

Removing Delta Search in Internet explorer- Here are the steps to remove Delta Search from Internet explorer.

  1. Open Internet explorer browser in your machine.
  2. Go to Tools in the menu.
  3. Select “Internet options”.
  4. Then General Tab in it.
  5. Go to the Default home page field and set your desired page as the default home page. This will remove Delta search as homepage.

Removing Delta Search in Firefox- Here are the steps to remove Delta search from Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Open Firefox in your machine.
  2. Go to Tools in the menu.
  3. Select Options and the General.
  4. Then go to Startup section and select a blank page or default homepage as option. Set your desired homepage and click Ok.

Removing Delta Search in Google Chrome – Here are the steps to remove Delta Search page from Google Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome in your machine.
  2. Go to Wrench icon.
  3. Go to Settings and choose “manage Search engines”.
  4. Delete Delta search from the list of search engines and make Google or others as the default search engine.
  5. Go to “On start” and make this sure that you get a blank page while creating a new tab.