How to uninstall Bing toolbar from Internet explorer?

Bing toolbar is a browser toolbar which facilitates searching directly from the toolbar and provides shortcuts for different social platforms and utilities in the browser toolbar.

bing toolbar

But it may happen that you do not want to use the toolbar anymore and want to uninstall it from your Internet explorer browser. It is not a difficult task to do it. You just need to follow the steps given below to uninstall bing from the browser.

Uninstalling through Control Panel

  1. Close all the browsers in the computer.
  2. Open the Start Menu in the system. Search for the “Control Panel” option there.
  3. Click mouse on it to open the Control Panel Options.
  4. Select “Add/Remove Programs if using Win XP or “Uninstall a Program” in Win 7. In this section you will find all the list of installed programs in your system.
  5. Search for the bing toolbar program in the list. Scroll down to locate it if not visible directly.
  6. Click on bing toolbar and click “Change/Remove” (WinXP) or “Uninstall”  (Win 7)option.
  7. You will notice simple instructions to uninstall it and after following all you will get the confirmation message that bing toolbar was successfully removed from your system.
  8. Restart your computer to get the application completely removed from the System.

Start menu-control panel

 Control Panel window

Removing bing toolbar in Internet explorer add-ons list

Go to Internet explorer >Tools >Manage Add-ons. A list of all the installed add-ons in Internet explorer appears. Search for bing toolbar and all its related add-ons.

Check that the status is enabled for all the Bing programs. Click on “Enabled” and click on the “Disable” button coming after it.  The toolbar will be disabled. Similarly you can disable all other programs related to it.

IE menu-Manage add-ons option

Thus with the help of the following add-ons you can remove the bing toolbar from Internet explorer easily and free the toolbar space in IE.