How to remove iminent toolbar: here is how to get rid of it

How Can I Completely Get Rid Of The Iminent Toolbar?

Most people who make use of the iminent toolbar do so because it enhances their browser experience more so while using social media sites. This is because this toolbars allows users to add emois and emoticons on social media sites. As helpful as this toolbar may sound, it is often referred to as an unwanted toolbar. The reason this is so is that the iminent toolbar mostly gains access to the user’s browser without the permission of the user.

The minute iminent enter your browser, you will start experiences problems with the browser’s performance. It will automatically change the homepage and default search engine to When users find they have this toolbar in their browsers, they are left wondering how it got into the system. Actually, most web users invite this toolbar without knowing. This is done when downloading freeware or other programs. This toolbar attaches itself to the programs being downloaded and is thus downloaded too.

How to remove iminent toolbar – why it is important to get rid of it

The reason why users are urged to remove this toolbar is because it can cause performance issues on your browser and even PC. Once it changes the homepage and default search engine, the iminent toolbar will start tracking your internet activity. It will send this information to its creators and they will start sending advertisements pop-ups to your browser. These pop-ups are quite annoying as they pop when you are busy and cause interruptions.

When your browser search engine is changed by iminent toolbar, you will start finding it hard to get reliable search results. This is because every search you perform will be redirected to an advertisement website that is not even related to your search query. There are a lot of other issues caused by iminent toolbar. Learn how to remove iminent toolbar following the steps below.

How to remove iminent toolbar

  • Go to the task manager by pressing control-alt-delete at once.
  • Stop all processes that are tied to iminent toolbar.
  • Go to local disc C and delete all files related to iminent toolbar.
  • Go the registry editor by typing regedit on run and delete all iminent toolbar registry entries.
  • Clear the browser history and cookies.’
  • Restart the system for the changes to take effect