How to remove mailru toolbar: an easy to follow guide

How Can You Completely Remove The Mailru Toolbar?

The mailru toolbar is a Russian created toolbar that poses as a helpful toolbar. This toolbar is meant to improve the user’s browsing experience but this I far from what it does. Mailru can be categorized as an unwanted toolbar because it enters the user’s browser without their permission. This happens when the user is downloading other freeware and programs and fails to uncheck the choice offered before commencing to download. Most users overlook this step during download therefore allowing this toolbar and many others into their systems.

The other way this toolbar can gain access to the browser is when the user clicks on unreliable links on browser advertisements. Actually, this can be very risky as these links can also contain very harmful malware. It is important to avoid clicking on any advertisement links before verifying they come from a trusted source. You can verify by placing your cursor on the link without clicking to see the URL source of the link.

How to remove mailru toolbar – why you need to remove it

Like any other toolbar, the mailru toolbar can cause performance problems to any browser it invades. The first thing it does is change the homepage and default browser settings. Once this happens the user can forget how it felt to find reliable search results. From then on, all the search results will be redirections to advertisement websites.

These websites are mostly not related to search queries and this can be frustrating to the user. Mailru toolbar also acts as a spy toolbar as it will monitor the user’s online activities and send this information to its creators for bad business. Eventually, this toolbar will cause computer slow down, data loss and even computer crashes. The steps below will show you how to remove mailru toolbar.

How to remove mailru toolbar

Removing the mailru toolbar is easy.

  • Go to the browser menu and then to tools.
  • On the tools menu, look for add-ons option and click on it.
  • From the list of add-ons, look for mailru toolbar.
  • Click on the mailru toolbar and click on remove.
  • When prompted, click on ok to complete the process.
  • Restart the browser.