How to remove My Search Dial search (malware)

This virus is known as a browser hijacker – which means that the malware gets installed on your computer and change the browser settings, whilst a user is browsing the internet, without the user’s permission. My Search Dial promotes itself to be an internet browser add-on that improves user searching experience and installs My Search Dial toolbar extension on the browser. When it’s installed following things can happen on your browser.

  1. Your browser’s home page gets changed to the My Search Dial search page.
  2. Your default search engine preference will get changed.
  3. Browser shortcuts of your main web browsers (Firefox, IE, and Chrome) will be changed.

All these happen without your knowledge, and when you open the browser the next time, you will be surprised as well as annoyed to learn what has happened to your browser. Overall, when you open your web browser, instead of your familiar search engine, you will get redirected to unethical search engines such as or snap.

How do you know if your PC is infected with My Search Dial?

Your PC is infected with My Search Dial if the following happens:

1) When you open up your browser, it will launch the home page of My Search Dial.

2) When you try to search something using the address bar of your browser, you are redirected to My Search Dial Search Engine

  • or any other unknown search engine page.

Following is the screenshot of page.

my search dial infected browser

What is My Search Dial toolbar extension?

This is a toolbar add-on that gets installed the Operating System and gets attached to the browser page. This toolbar can get added to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Following is a screenshot of the toolbar.


My Search Dial claims that this toolbar gives users easy access to popular and their favorite website such as Facebook, Yahoo. But at the same time, it promotes a sponsored search and redirect users to or any third-party search engine pages.

How to get rid of My Search Dial malware?

If your PC is infected with this malware, you should immediately get rid of it, because it can be very intrusive and your PC might get prone to unwanted installations and email spams. In order to get rid of it, you can remove the toolbar installation from your computer, and further perform a full malware scan through your PC’s virus guard.