How to remove MySearch Dial malware

If your PC is infected with the MySearch dial malware, you need to do a few things to recover your PC and the browser from it.

1)    Uninstall the MySearch Dial toolbar

2)    Remove MySearch Dial from your browser’s search engines and reset the default search engine

3)    Remove MySearch Dial from being your browser’s home page

Here’s step-by-step guide on how you do these on various OS and browsers:

How to uninstall MySeach Dial Toolbar

1)    Go to the control panel

2)    In Windows XP – select add/remove programs, select the MySearch Dial web search application from the list and click on remove it.

3)    In Windows 7 and above – select uninstall a program from the Programs option, select the MySearch Dial web search application from the list and click on uninstall button to remove it.

4)    If you want to temporarily hide the toolbar from your browser, just right click on the toolbar and uncheck the MySearchDial toolbar option.

5)    If you are using Firefox, click on the ‘Firefox’ button at top left hand corner of the browser and select add-ons. You will be presented with the page shown in the screenshot below. Find the MySearch Dial add-on and disable it.

firefox-remove mysearch dial add-on

How do I reset my browser’s home page?

To reset the home page of your browser do the following:
1) if the browser is Internet Explorer, go to:

Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab.

Here, click on restore defaults to reset your browser’s home page. If not you can manually set the home page as shown in the following screen:

set IE home page

2) If your browser is Firefox, click on the Firefox settings button and select options. In the popup window shown below, manually set the desired home page.

 set FF home page

3) If you are using Chrome, go to Chrome settings page by clicking on the Wrench icon at the top of the browser, and then go to:

Settings -> Appearance

Then check on the ‘Show Home Button’ option and save the settings.

Remove MySearch Dial from the search engine list on the browser

1)    In Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options, select the Search Settings button under the general tab. Here select the MySearch Dial search engine from the list and remove it. Then select your preferred search engine and set it as the default.

2)    In Firefox browser, click on the small arrow on the search text box (see the following screen shot), and select ‘Manage Search Engines’. Select the MySearch Dial search engine and click ‘Remove’.

3)    In Google Chrome click on the top left hand corner button and go the Chrome settings. As shown in the following screenshot, you can remove the MySearch Dial search engine and set the preferred default search from the ‘Manage Search Engines’ option.

chrome default search engine