How to remove myscrapnook toolbar

How Can I Remove Myscrapnook Toolbar Completely?

The myscrapnook toolbar is a community toolbar that promises the user great features. With this toolbar, users can create collages and cards that can be shared online with just a single click of a button. This toolbar also allows users to connect to their favorite social sites and it also enhances the general browsing experience. The myscrapnook toolbar also offers amazing searching features.

It is possible to search the web with ease when using this toolbar. This is because it comes with a built in search bar meaning the user does not have to leave the page to make searches. This built in search bar is offered courtesy of While this toolbar offers numerous benefits to web users, it also comes with an equal share of disadvantages. This is why it is always advisable to remove this toolbar before it causes problems for your browser and PC.

How to remove myscrapnook toolbar – what are the dangers of using it

Just like any other toolbar, myscrapnook toolbar often comes and takes over your browser. It will change the browser settings thereby changing the homepage and default browser to Once these changes have been made the real problems begin. First you will notice that you can no longer get reliable search results.

All searches are instead redirected to unreliable websites; mostly advertisement websites. Also, you browser and PC slow down making you wait for longer to get results. Eventually, this toolbar may lead to computer crashes or even data loss. The myscrapnook toolbar also sends numerous pop-ups when you are using your system and this can be really annoying. The best way to avoid these issues is to get rid of this toolbar before the problems start.

How to remove myscrapnook toolbar – the step by step guide

To completely get rid of the myscrapnook toolbar:

  • Navigate to the control panel through the start button on your desktop.
  • Go to add/remove programs or uninstall a program depending on the windows version you are using.

  • Look for the myscrapnook toolbar and click on remove or uninstall.
  • Follow the removal process to completion.

  • Reboot your system