How to remove panning hand toolbar: a complete guide on panning hand toolbar removal

How Can I Remove The Panning Hand Toolbar?

If you use outlook, then you have probably come across the panning hand toolbar.  This toolbar will often manifest itself when a user is reading emails on outlook. With this toolbar, the user can grab and drag a window to whatever location they want. This is with the help of the cursor which turns into a small hand. While this toolbar may seem helpful to most outlook users, it is associated with instability and random crashes.

This toolbar has also been known to cause a few issues to the browser and even the system as a whole. The panning hand toolbar is often installed into the user’s computer when the user is downloading other add-ons. It comes as an added feature to make it easier for the user to scroll on their system; especially on devices that come with limited window space such as tablets and other small devices. Te reason why most people opt to completely remove it is because panning hand toolbar cannot be controlled in terms of switching it on or off and there fore causes issues for the user.

How to remove panning hand toolbar – Why you should remove it

The panning hand toolbar has been found to cause a few performance problems for the browser. This is why most users are eagerly looking at instructions on how to remove panning hand toolbar. Once panning hand toolbar is in the system, it makes its way to the system’s registry and registers itself. It will then change all browser settings.

This causes the home page and default search engine to change. This toolbar also causes the browser to slow down and the user finds it hard to get reliable search results as all searches are redirected to unrelated websites for advertisement purposes. If you want to remove this toolbar, you can do so using the steps offered below.

How to remove panning hand toolbar

  • End all browser processes by closing the running browser(s).
  • Go to run from start button and type in ‘regedit’.
  • Delete all files and folders related to panning hand from the registry files.
  • Go to the control panel from the start button.
  • Go to add/remove programs.
  • Locate the panning hand toolbar from the list and programs and click on remove.
  • Restart your system once the toolbar has been removed.