What to do when Internet Explorer keeps crashing

Has it ever happened to you that you are working and your internet explorer just crashes down? That you are in the middle of some important task and your internet explorer just refuses to work? Many times you may have encountered such inconvenience when you open the menu bar, log in or simply bookmark anything. The internet explore comes with many versions commonly used today. These include internet explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10.

what to do when internet explorer keeps crashing


This atypical behavior of internet explorer crashing down in the middle of some prime work can be due to a number of reasons causing trouble to the user. A crash error report usually appears specifying the effect of trouble shooting. Viable reasons for the crash may include Adds-on manager in the browser, your antivirus software or any other application related to security. The crash may also be because of the operating system in use or any window program you are running on your PC. Advanced setting might also cause a trouble in this.

What to do when Internet Explorer keeps crashing?

Sudden crashing of Internet explorer while you are working on something of prime importance can prove very irritable as well as troublesome. It is, therefore, very important to fix the problem n just few very easy steps.

One thing you should be definitely aware of is the windows program you are running and the version of the internet explorer in use. Add-ons manager plays a very vital role in it. It can interfere with the program you are running and hence it is very important for you to make sure whether it is on or not. Some web pages are greatly troubled by the Add-ons effect therefore it is recommended to restrict the use of add-ons application to the users of your computer. You can find it in the administrative templates of your windows component in the computer configuration.

Following steps can help you overcome the problem.

Manage Add-ons

  • Click on the start menu
  • Go to the Programs followed by the Accessories and then the system tools.
  • In the system tools, go to the Internet explorer and No add-ons
  • Next, go to the tools Menu
  • Click on the Manage Add-ons
  • You can now enable or disable the application.
  • To ensure that the problem is fixed, keep enabling and disabling Adds-Ons.

what to do when internet explorer keeps crashing


Sometimes it might happen that these steps do not bring you the desired outcome and the problem persists. If you continue encountering more troubles, try out the following steps.

  • Go to your control panel
  • Click the Internet options followed by Programs and then Manage Adds-Ons
  • Check whether the Adds-ons are installed in your computer.

If the problem still survives, you need to reset the default settings of your computer by following these steps.

  •  Go to the “Tools”
  • Press Alt+x
  • Go for internet options and pick select advanced tab
  • Click Reset and close
  • Restart your computer now to ensure that the problem is fixed.

Other Factors involved in the crash:-

Conferring to the Microsoft support page for troubleshooting can help you deal with the problems of Internet explorer’s crash in almost all its versions. Seldom, Internet explorer crashes because of the programs you are running in your PC and this requires you to recheck the programs you have installed. You may also need to scan your computer for any kind of viruses or malware by double checking your downloads and computer systems.