Making Cover Photos Private In Facebook

A cover photo is a photo that is displayed on the top of your facebook profile as a large and easily accessible photo. Privatizing the cover photos on facebook has long been in debate but not many people are aware of the procedure to follow to make their account a secure one. Facebook policy does not provide you with an option of making your cover photos concealed and hence there is no way a common user can do so.
Cover photos give a unique and pleasing effect to your profile and distinguishes your profile from other profiles. Cover photos in a way provide security to your account by making sure that spammers do not make a clone of your account. Therefore, putting up a cover photo from your personal life experience is indeed a healthy activity. The following procedure can be followed if you are looking for making cover photos private in facebook.

Ensuring that cover photo is public:-

Following procedure will allow you to make sure that your cover photos are set to a public-mode and can be viewed by all.

When you click on your cover photo, it will start loading in Facebook album viewer mode. In order to open the photo in an editable mode, click on the “edit” button. If an earth-shaped public icon is appearing, it tells that your photo is set on a public mode and there is no other way to make it private. Your cover photo can be easily viewed by anyone who pays a visit to your profile. If you find it inconvenient then the only possible way is to either remove it or put up any common or general photo as your cover photo.

Deleting cover photos in FaceBook:-


Many people find it interference in their privacy to be unable make the cover photos private. They fear putting up any personal photo as their cover photo by thinking it might get into wrong hands and hence be misused. Such people are provided with the only option of deleting their cover photo once they have set it. The procedure of deleting the cover photo is as follows.

  • Open facebook and go to your timeline by logging into your account.
  • Move the arrow on your cover photo and you will find an option of changing the cover photo.
  • As soon as your click on “change cover photo”, a dropdown will appear showing many options.
  • In order to remove your cover photo, click “remove” and it will then ask for your confirmation.
  • making cover photos private on facebookPress “okay” if you have made up your mind to remove it otherwise “cancel” it
  • Successfully removed your cover photo” will appear once you have command it to remove.
  • On the other hand you can upload a new, non-private photo by going to “upload a new photo” option.

making cover photos private on facebook

Facebook has made it mandatory to keep the cover photos public. Hence, removing the cover photos or uploading a non-private photo is the only solution if you don’t want your photos to be viewed publically.