How to remove ads on twitter which are promoted tweets

Twitter is a social networking site gaining much popularity over the years. It is a platform which allows you to share your thoughts, messages and whatever is in your mind in 140 words in the form of “Tweets”. It also enables you to retweet someone and favorite any tweet that you liked. People follow you randomly and the more followers you gain, the more popular your account will be. Some tweets may be directly addressed to you which the twitter calls “mentions”.

Sometimes, however, you might receive constantly promoted ads in the form of tweets which might be very frustrating for you. These ads are directed to you by the twitter account, taking up a greater part of your screen thus annoying you. You might need to get rid of these irritating ads. This article will help you learn a correct method to do this.

Sign in to your twitter account

  • Go to the official twitter website,, and a sign in page will appear.
  • Provide all the necessary information it requires for you to sign in.
  • Now look for the promoted tweet that will most probably be a promoted ad which might look somehow like this.

how to remove ads on twitter

  • This ad is promoted by twitter account and whether you want it or not it appears on your timeline but you need not to get apprehensive as it can be removed easily.

How To Remove Ads On Twitter

Removing all the annoying, useless promoted ads is only a matter of one click. It hardly takes a minute and sets you free of being irritated. All you are required to do is to locate a promoted ad and then search for a sign that will help to remove it i.e. a “dismiss” sign. Once you find a dismiss link with a small cross beside it, click on it in order to make is disappear from your timeline. It’s this easy.

how to remove ads on twitter

One thing however you should keep in mind is that this a way to permanently get rid of these ads. The above explained method is a temporary measure which will make the promoted ad invisible for a time period and allow you to enjoy other tweets.

A permanent method, on the other hand, can be installing appropriate add-ons in your browser which will allow you to block all kinds of ads in various websites. These add-ons are available to you in the browser gallery and you can easily have your pick. Once installed, you will enjoy tweeting without being disturbed by these pointless promoted ads.