How to Uninstall Flash Player

Prior getting free of Flash player, it is very important being aware of its specifications which usually involve its version, location and description. Whether it’s a movie file or a video, what window application it is stored in and whether its among the new files is the kind of information you should have before deciding to delete it. The chrome facilitates you by coming with an inbuilt Flash player which makes the removal a lot easier. The steps involved are simple; however, problem might arise when you are inefficient in deleting all the programs in which case the removal might prove time-consuming.

Reasons for failure of uninstall

The plug-ins installed in chrome often result in very poor performance of various video clips. As a result, the problematic application must be removed through an appropriate procedure. Chrome solves this problem for you. It has a section dedicated to the plug-ins and requires you to go through the details and scroll down to disable your flash player.

In order to make sure that you were successful in removing the flash player, search for the version of your flash player online. You would know that you removed it effectively if it shows the missing plug-in. This usually happens because a lot of errors are possible while you uninstall the flash player. It is also recommended that all the application that might possibly be running flash player should be ceased. One such application is instant messenger. Once you are done, restart your system.

How to uninstall flash player from Computer drive

As advised before, be aware of the location of the program you are going to uninstall. The chrome uninstaller has the ability to remove the plug-ins from the operating system of your computer provided it is stored in Windows application. Chrome allows you to use control panel for deleting the flash player. In the option of “uninstall programs” choose flash player and uninstall it simply by clicking on it.

how to uninstall flash player

How to uninstall Flash player Using Chrome mobile

If instead you are the user of flash player in your mobile then in order to uninstall it, chrome would lead you to the settings of your program. The chrome uninstaller is effectively applicable to both the mobile as well as computer. Going to the default settings will help you to uninstall it.

  • In your browser address, type chrome:plugins
  • You are no viewing the plug-ins page
  • You are now required to disable the flash player
  • Restart your system in order to experience the change.

This is supportive in windows, MAC, linux as well as the MAC programs. All of these come with their own plug-ins in the chrome. Following the provided instructions carefully will help you to get rid of this software successfully.