How to remove chrome extensions manually?

For most of the people, Google chrome is the first choice when it comes to choosing the best browser for their system. This perhaps is because chrome provides you with the feasibility of adding as many extensions to your browser as many you require. It further allows you to manage Add-ons on your server. This practically is very useful, helping the user to accomplish more than one task at a time hence saving time.

However, it must be considered that too many extensions on your browser are not always so supportive. Many times you encounter serious trouble while working with so many extensions as they may cause your browser to crash down while you are working on something significant. This proves vey inconvenient, troublesome and annoying for the user. Under such circumstances, the recommended option is to learn to uninstall the trouble causing extension. You can either do it manually or pick up the customized and control method to undo the extension from you browse permanently.

Using customized and control method to uninstall the chrome extensions

It is only a matter of few minutes to uninstall the unwanted extensions in the chrome using customized and control method. It only requires few easy steps as mentioned.

  • Click the wrench button appearing on the top right hand side of the chrome.
  • A dropdown menu will appear in front of you presenting you with different extension and asking you to select the troublesome extension.

how to remove chrome extensions manually


  • Uninstall the selected extension by clicking on the “uninstall” button.

The extension will be removed after the completion of these steps however it might happen seldom that the extension does not appear in the list at all since it has crashed. If anything like this happens, you would have to remove the extension manually

How to remove chrome extensions manually

Removing the extensions manually needs you to find the folder containing all the extensions to your browser first. Then you would have to pick the folder containing the extension your wish to uninstall. Following these instruction, you can easily remove the targeted extension.

  • Make sure that your chrome browser is not in a running state.
  • Now find the default chrome browser according to the configuration of your operating system

The chrome shortcut icon can also help you find this folder if you are facing any kind of difficulty in locating the folder. A right click on the icon will display a menu and you are required to go to the “properties”. A new window will then appear. Under the “target” option, you can find the location to the desired extension.

  • Within the folder will be a subfolder holding all the extension of your chrome
  • Pick the one containing the target extension.
  • Now you will again find a subfolder containing the version number of extension.
  • The targeted folder might have an ambiguous name and you ae now required to delete it.
  • On restarting the chrome, you will find it free of the defective extension.

The chrome extension has now been removed successfully, providing you with an efficient browser to start surfing.