How to get rid of the search toolbar

My search toolbar is the kind of toolbar that provides you with the facility of using the more than one web browser to display the results of your search. It is one of the Add-ons that connect or fixes itself to your browser. This toolbar provides you with the facility to add your own personalized web buttons and web links hence making sure that you are just one click away from your desired websites and web pages. One considerable thing about this toolbar is that it is provided free of cost and can be downloaded with no difficulty at all.

This toolbar is usually installed when other programs are being installed and a confirmation message appears before the installation asking for your consent. If later anytime you realize that you are not in any particular need of this toolbar then you have this option to remove it just few easy and quick steps.

Why should my search toolbar be removed?

While many of us view my search toolbar as facilitating tool for our browser, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it can be very damaging and harmful to our system. It has the ability to take over your browser and alter its setting thus functioning as a hijacker. It can sometimes be the reason of the malware and virus detected by your computer. This toolbar brings certain changes to the URL and makes it unsecure for you to carry out any search from this toolbar as they are shifted to other promotional websites. It is absolutely not wrong calling this toolbar as an initiator of the virus or malware in your system although the creator of this toolbar will strongly deny this. It, therefore, becomes necessary for you to learn getting rid of this toolbar and prevent it from causing any trouble in your system.

How to get rid of the search toolbar

Since my search toolbar is not exactly the kind of toolbar your browser is secure from, it is recommended that you get rid of it by following just few easy steps as follows.

  • Make sure that all the running browsers are shut down
  • Go to the “start” button of your system and locate the control pane there.
  • Now go for the add/remove program option
  • A list of programs will appear and you will be required to pick up my search toolbar from among them.
  • Click on the “remove” button to initiate its removal
  • Now to remove the toolbar, follow the steps that the uninstall wizard asks you to follow.
  • To make sure that my search toolbar is deleted from your browser you need to restart your browser once.

how to get rid of the search toolbar

Your system is now free of any threat that it might have encountered because of the malevolent toolbar.