How to remove Google toolbar from My computer?

Google toolbar aims to facilitate you by providing you with all the current headlines, bookmarks as well as the toolbar options. Some people find it a great help while others, especially the users with a small screen find it as space consuming and might want to get rid of it. Hiding, removing or simply deleting the Google toolbar is matter of few easy steps and no time at all. You don’t even have to worry about the browser you are using.

This article will help you to learn an appropriate, simple and quick way to get rid of the Google toolbar.

How to remove Google toolbar from Firefox and uninstalling it on Internet Explorer

Both the Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer require the same procedure to uninstall Google toolbar. Go to the “wrench icon” and from the toolbar’s menu, choose “uninstall”. On the other hand, for Internet Explorer, go to the “start menu” and then choose “add/remove program” from the control panel. Now select the Google toolbar and instruct your computer to uninstall it.

For Mozilla firefox, You will be required to click on the wrench icon after starting the toolbar. To initiate the uninstalling, click on the “uninstall” button. Once you’re done with this, go to the “tools” and select “add ons”. Now find the google toolbar and uninstall it.

Troubleshooting Uninstall process

Uninstalling Google Toolbar is an uncomplicated process but inefficiencies might occur while the uninstalling s taking place and Google toolbar might not be properly and completely removed. Complete elimination will be possible if you first up to date your Google toolbar and then uninstall it. Look for the most recently available version of the Google toolbar and download it. Then follow the steps of standard toolbar removal to get rid of this space-consuming toolbar.

If however, you don’t wish to get rid of it and instead just hide it temporarily then you must follow the steps as mentioned.

  • Run your firefox browser
  • Go to the “views” option and select “toolbars”
  • Look for the Google toolbar in the provided options.
  • Now, select the “tick” and your toolbar will disappear although not removed.
  • For making it appear again, just click on the toolbar and it will be restored.
  • In case of Internet explorer, locate the toolbar, right click it and select that tick mark again.

It is freely under your will when you want to make your Google toolbar visible and when not. These easy steps will help you in doing so whenever you wish to and free the space for something of prime importance.