How to stop malware ahead messages in google chrome

Google chrome is an effective browser, gaining more and more popularity and comes with very facilitating security features. Whenever this browser detects any kind of malicious virus or threat, it sends you a “Danger: Malware ahead” message instantly. This is a great help, keeping you safe from all the websites that can harm your computer in any way and providing you a safe access. But the problem arise when the chrome starts showing this message in every website you visit in which case it can prove very frustrating.  Hence, it becomes a necessity to get rid of these messages that keeps appearing in new windows interfering in your work.
Given below is a productive way of stopping these messages and working without any intrusion.

Start by disabling malware protection and phishing in your Google chrome

How To Stop Malware Ahead Messages In Google Chrome:-

  • Go to the menu of Google Chrome
  • A dropdown menu will appear, presenting you with few options.

how to stop malware ahead messages in google chrome


  • Now click setting to open it in a new window
  • To open the “advanced settings options, click “show advanced settings” option at the bottom of the provided link.

how to stop malware ahead messages in google chrome


This step will make sure that all the alerts which appear for malware detection phising are now disabled.

Clear browsing data

Clearing your Chrome off all the browsed data can also help you solve the problem of these unnecessarily appearing alerts. All you are required to do is to click on “clear browsing data” in the privacy section of the browser. Select all the areas and then remove them. There is quite a chance that it will satisfy your complaint.

Disable suspicious looking plug ins

Opt for the “content settings” option by going to the privacy option as explained earlier. A new window will appear and you will be required to disable all the plug ins by clicking on them separately. This will be done by clicking on “Disable individual plugin” link.

how to stop malware ahead messages in google chrome

A new window displaying different plugins will appear. These are the plugins that are installed in your chrome browser. You can analyze them and simply disable all the plugins that you doubt cause a problem. Now restart your browser and check if the problem is solved. The possibility leans toward the problem being fixed enabling you to work without any interruption by these annoying alerts.