How to remove NHC toolbar

Removing the NCH toolbar is a very easy task provided you follow the steps keenly. In no time you get rid of this toolbar. The operating system and the browser you are using can partially reflect the way this toolbar is removed. Depending on different browser i.e. Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer, the steps of the removal may vary. The procedure for removing NHC toolbar these browsers is explained in detail below.

How to remove NCH toolbar from Internet Explorer

Windows Vista as well as Internet explorer comes with different security protocols which doesn’t all the modifications to be made in the configuration of the Internet Explorer. NHC toolbar however has the ability to accidently install itself into the browser as a part of the bundled software package. What you are required to do is to disable it and then remove it from your browser for which you need to follow the given steps carefully.

  • Go the start and click on Internet explorer to open it
  • Then click on the tools and open the “manage add-ons”
  • Under this option, click on “Toolbars and extensions”
  • Disable the NHC toolbar now
  • If you wish for a persistent NHC toolbar then run Internet explorer in No Add-ons mode.
  • Now disable all the add-ons
  • Internet explorer 7 provides you with the facility to use the no add-ons feature without toolbar or other add-ons

If, however, you wish to run the add-ons in a “disable-mode” follow the steps below.

  • In the start option, go to the programs
  • Click on the accessories
  • Now opt for select system tools followed by IE no add-ons

How to remove NHC toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

As compared to the above mentioned procedure, the method to remove NHC toolbar from Mozilla Firefox is simple, straight and less time consuming. The following steps will provide you a smooth surfing on your browser.

  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Go to the tools, followed by Add-ons
  • Now go to the extensions
  • A list of extensions will be made available to you
  • Go through then and look for the NHC community toolbar.
  • Click on “remove” in order to delete it.
  • Once removed, restart your system and enjoy the hassle-free surfing

 How to remove NHC toolbar from Google chrome

Removing NHC toolbar from the Google chrome is the easiest. The following steps will help you to do so in no time

  • Open a new tab in Google chrome
  • Now click on the tools followed by clicking on extensions
  • You will now find a NHC application, right click on it.
  • Now select “uninstall” from the menu given
  • A confirmation box will appear to which you have to say “yes”
  • Restart your system after the completion of the process.