How to remove Skype click to call chrome plug-in

Once you download the Skype click to call plug-in and install it into your system, it facilitates you to great extent by allowing calls to be made from the chrome browser. Once installed, its activation would require you to restart your browser. After installation, it only requires you to click on a certain contact in your list and your call is made. This is made possible by this plug-in by allowing the browser in use to access the names, phone numbers, email addresses and sometimes even the email messages and using the Skype icon, it highlights this information.

However, one drawback of this plug-in is that it also allows other toolbars to be installed with it. These toolbars might contain a malicious virus or malware that may adversely affect your system. Seldom, they also lessen the speed of your windows hence proving very problematic. Removing these toolbars thus means to remove the Skype click to call plug-in from the browser as well.

how to remove skype click to call chrome plugin

How to remove Skype click to call chrome plug-in

Sometimes when you are working with different software, this Skype click to call plug-in can prove very frustrating. In order to make your browser run effectively, removing this plug-in is the only suitable option you can opt for. Removing the Skype click to call plugin does not at all means that your Skype will not function now. The Skype would be as effective as before and no changes will be experience in its function. The following steps will help you get rid of this annoying plug-in in no time.

  • Make sure that no browse in your system is running while you aim to delete the plugin
  • From the “start” button, go to your control panel
  • Now, locate the programs and features and then click on “uninstall the program” option
  • A dropdown list will appear and you will be required to select Skype click to call program
  • Once you have located it, click on “uninstall” to eliminate it from your browser
  • A new window will now appear in front of you asking you whether you want to remove, repair or change the Skype click to call plugin
  • Since you want to remove it, you will instruct it to do so.

Why should Skype click to call chrome plug-in be removed?

Although this plug-in can sometimes bring you great benefits but as mentioned earlier, this plug-in provides a way for several other malicious toolbars to be installed as well. This happened absolutely without your consent and brings the speed and effectiveness of your system as well as browser down. It can also disclose your personal information hence proving a threat to you.