How to uninstall Windows defender

Previously recognized by the name of Microsoft antispyware, Windows defender is software which helps in fighting different kinds of malware. This software can be downloaded for free in windows XP and server 2003. The versions of this software prior to window 8’s version were capable of working as antispyware. It also allowed scanning and tracking of all the suspicious areas of your windows so that they can be altered.

how to uninstall windows defender

Furthermore, it could also uninstall the software Active X for you. Windows defender also included Microsoft SpyNet Support. This was particularly useful because it allowed the users to report anything they considered as malicious. With the recent advancement and introduction of Windows 8, this software only grew to become better; also providing the antivirus protection now.

If, however, you ever feel a need to uninstall the windows defender, following steps will help you to accomplish it successfully.

How to uninstall Windows Defender?

Windows defender is always functioning in the back whenever you are busy surfing internet ad downloading various files. It keeps a strict check on malware and make sure that all the files you reach for are protected and virus-free.

If you have for some reason made up your mind to get rid of this program then foremost thing you should do is to make sure that you already have a back-up antivirus setup before you remove this one. Once you have found a suitable alternate to this program, it is safe to remove it. Windows 7 and Vista, however, does not provide you with the option of completely removing it, you can just turn this program off.

In order to turn it off, go to the “start” button on your screen and type “defender” and then opt for “windows defender”. Now on the top of the window, click on the “tools” icon and select “options”. To turn it off in either windows 7 or Vista, follow the instructions provided.

Tips to Uninstall Windows Defender

Windows Defender automatically installs itself in your system and is running with you ever noticing. If you have a proper malware detecting system then it is no harm in removing this as it will only add to the space of your computer. Mentioned below are the correct steps to do so.

  • Open the control panel on your windows
  • Type service.msc in the start menu to open the service panel
  • In the list provided, look for the windows defender and double click on it.
  • To disable it, change the type of setup

This procedure will help you get rid of windows defender but it is highly unadvisable if you do not have a proper malware removing software installed in your system because this software is very efficient in keeping your system secure.