How to speed up the computer when chrome slows it down?

Google chrome has recently gained popularity and is evidently enjoying a notable position. People mostly opt for chrome when it comes to their favorite browser and chrome certainly leaves them with no complaint. Chrome is an effective, fast running browser providing its users with first rate technology. In eye of the growing popularity of this browser, it won’t be false to say that soon chrome might become the most widely used web browser.

how to speed up your computer

However the old cliché that “nothing is perfect” fits for chrome as well. Despite being the most preferred browser among the people, it seldom makes your computer slow down in which case it becomes quite an inconvenience. Still you need not to be utterly disappointed as there are ways to fix this problem.

What to do when your chrome breaks down?

When of the most apparent solution to this problem is to update your chrome browser if the latest version of it is available to you. For this you need to make sure that you get rid of the previous version and install the new one only after uninstalling the previous. In case of the assembly chromium, you are required to remove the entire assembly and then go for“new” Google chrome.

It is true that your computer does sometimes runs very sluggishly but putting the entire blame on Google chrome is not justifiable. Many times it’s not the Google chrome but the unnecessary extensions installed in your system. When the automatic mode is set “on” in your “downloads” then these extensions find their way in your computer automatically by default settings. Obvious way to get rid of them is to disable them by going to the “extensions” followed by chrome settings and then disabling them. Now restart your computer and check whether all the extensions have been successfully removed. If not then you will be required to delete the cache and history of your browser.

How to speed up the computer when chrome slows it down?

The Google chrome still has the potential to stay your most preferred browser by fixing up the problem of slow computer in just few steps as mentioned below.

  • Ø Clean up the temporary files of your computer

Google chrome might not always be behind the slow working of your computer. Sometimes it’s the great number of temporary files that take up a greater space of your computer’s memory. Your computer might have so many unnecessary files that you are not aware of if its 2,3 years old.

  • Ø Remove all unnecessary extensions

As mentioned before, most of the extensions in your browser are of no use to you and only add up to the space which could have been consumed by more useful data. Therefore, make sure that your browser is free of all such extensions.

  • Ø Install Anti-virus, Adware and Spyware protection programs

Doing so will not ensure an ultimate protection to your system but also help to fight off all kinds of viruses and malwares.