How to block ads in yahoo mail

Yahoo mail has been consistently a matchless option in providing the service of sending and receiving mails. Hardly any person with an internet access is not availing this facility and yahoo has always managed to satiate its user in the long run. Yahoo has, however, started showing ads on their pages which is purely because of the commercial reasons. But many people have found this frustrating as well as distracting and they want a solution to get rid of them. The solutions are present. The users need not to e disappointed as in no time they can get rid of these nasty and unnecessary ads.

how to block ads in yahoo mail

How To Block ads in Yahoo mail through “Hide Advertisement”

The most advantageous thing about yahoo is that it consists in itself an option that allows you to block the useless ads. All you need to do is to go to the yahoo mail pages where you will find an arrow on the left of the ads/banners. The words saying “hide advertisements” will appear as soon as you hover on this arrow. The advertisements will be hidden once you click on it but temporarily. Refreshing the page will make these advertisements appear again hence it is not a permanent solution to your problem

Update yahoo to mail plus

Since the above provided solution is just for short-term and hides the ads temporarily, a more permanent solution is here. Upgrading the ads to yahoo mail plus will get you rid of these ads permanently.  You are required to click the lick given to go to the yahoo mail plus.

One thing that might concern you is that you would need to pay $19.99 in order to buy the upgrade but it will only cost you $2 a month which will not leave you burdened. The greater benefit of switching to yahoo mail plus is the extra functions of it that you can enjoy now. You can create disposable address, no account expiration, spam filters and much more.

Other than this very convenient option, other solutions are also present but they are specific for the browser you are using. Every browser has various extensions which helps you to remove these unnecessary ads appearing. It then depends on your suitability what you opt for.