How to delete Google bookmarks

Many times while we are surfing or browsing, we come across certain content which seems useful and we might need to go through that again later. It may also happen that we are unable to go through the complete information and might need to view it later. Under such conditions, the easiest and obvious option available to us is to bookmark all these significant pages. Google provides a very facilitating option of bookmark service for storing important data. These bookmarks come free of cost being available to all those with Google accounts.  This way we can avoid surfing through the internet once again and simple go to the page by clicking the bookmark.

Simply by signing in to their respective Gmail accounts, the Google user can enjoy all the saved bookmarks no matter if they are using a different computer. Different firefox extensions and web interface are also present with the sole function of managing different bookmarks and hence you can also make use og=f them.

However, you might sometimes find a need to undo you bookmarks when your computer is being shared among your coworkers and you don’t want your book marks to be visible to others. Sometimes you bookmark so many pages which become inconvenient for you to handle and you might need to delete few. Provided beneath is the correct way to do it.

How Google toolbar works and how to delete the bookmarks in Google?

It is important to be fully aware of the proper functioning of Google toolbar before deciding to get rid of the bookmarks you have saved up. Via third party tools and webs you can make and access your bookmarks easily, through any system. Firefox, for instance works by making a link between your Gmail account and the bookmarks, coordinating all the information of your bookmarks with your account. A functioning JavaScript is present for the purpose of creating bookmarks for an opened window. Users are free to import this functionality to other browsers. Gmail ensure the secrecy and security of the bookmarks associated with your account which appears to you alone when you sign up with your account. Google bookmarks also allow you to make use of bookmarked pages, labels, notes and different pages as well.

How to delete Google bookmarks

“Other bookmarks” is one option where you can have your bookmarks stored which makes it disappear from the bar of bookmarks. This folder doesn’t show the content it contains on the toolbar although you cannot completely remove the folder. Even if the folder is hidden, you can still continue adding more bookmarks to it via bookmark manager. Following easy steps will help you to delete the unwanted bookmarks.

  • Go to the bookmark manager
  • Select the bookmark that you want to delete and right click on it.
  • Click on “delete” from the provided options.

However, if instead of deleting individual bookmarks, you delete the folder, all the content it consisted of will be deleted automatically.