How to disable AVG pop up blocker?

A pop up blocker proves very beneficial when it comes to blocking up the unnecessary and irritating pop ups like various advertisements and random windows appearing on the website you are visiting. It saves up your time and energy both but if a pop up blocker is set on then there’s quite a possibility that it will block of the necessary and valuable pop ups as well. There by interfering with important secondary windows and not showing up various forms, important announcements and documents, pop up blockers leaves you in a disadvantage. Therefore, you might find a need to go to the setting area and disable these pop up blockers.

AVG is a renowned security company which has successfully launched AVG virus which is an efficient malware detecting source. AVG Linkscanner consists of “Active Surf Shield” and comes in pair with antivirus free edition. This shield skillfully blocks up all the pop ups appearing in the secondary windows. Therefore, blocking up LinkScanner is the foremost step in getting rid of the pop up blocker.

how to disable avg pop up blocker

How To Disable AVG Pop Up Blocker:-

  1. If the LinkScanner component is already installed in your system with AVG, you are required to disable it.
  2. Configure the AVG such that it won’t use the LinkScanner component
  3. Now simply uninstall AVG LinkScanner component.

Here is a detailed procedure to accomplish the above mentioned steps.

1) Disable the LinkScanner component if it is already installed in the system

  • Open up your browser
  • Go to the tools in the menu section
  • Now select the Manage Adds-On in it
  • It will give you a list of all the installed extensions present in your browser
  • Search for all the related components of AVG link scanner
  • Individually select them and click on disable and click on “remove” to remove them as extensions from your browser.
  • In order for the changes to take effect, make your computer restart.

 2) Configuring AVG not to use the LinkScanner component

  • Run the AVG application in your system
  • On the top of the windows, click on the component section
  • Now select The LinkScanner
  • You will find the following -“Enable AVG Active Surf-shield” and “Enable AVG Active Search-Shield” and you wouil be required to uncheck them
  • To make sure that the AVG doesn’t you the LinkScanner component, Click on the “save changes” and then close your windows.

 3) Uninstall AVG LinkScanner component

  • First you are required to download the latest version of AVG antivirus
  • Install this version in your computer
  • Continue with it by selecting “Custom installation”
  • Go to the “Select setup type” and opt for “add or remove components” if your system already contains AVG
  • Click “Next” and proceed with the process of installation
  • You are now required to make sure that you uncheck “search-shield” and “LinkScanner”
  • Now continue with it till the installation is finally completed

This is an easy way to disable the pop up blocker supported by AVG and make sure you don’t miss the important pop ups.