Windows genuine advantage removal tool

In the year 2005, Microsoft was successful in launching effective software for the use in anti-piracy program by the name of Windows Genuine Advantage. All the Microsoft products on the internet can be provided certification by this software. One key feature that increases its efficacy is the fact that the installing of this software does not require an initiating step. It happens on its own if your update is set “on”. Even if, in any case, you forget to keep your automatic updates enabled, it keeps on reminding you by showing notifications and identifying you as a user.

This may, however, not always be the case. Sometimes the software might linger in updating or simply fails to do so thus unable to be installed in your system. Under such cases, the windows genuine advantage has the facility to inform you beforehand by sending you notifications informing you about the failure of installation and the authenticity of the windows. Sometimes the installation keeps on appearing even if you persist on its installation hence infuriating you. These frustrating notifications would then need to be removed by following the provided steps.

How Does Windows Genuine Advantage Removal Tool Removes Notifications:-

As mentioned previously, these notifications are a source of reminding you continuously that your removal tool did not clear the validation test and was not able to be installed.

The following steps explain the method to remove these notifications in no time at all.

  • One thing you have to keep in mind no matter what is to make sure you have no other running account in your computer which makes sure that the removal is not a failure.
  • Open the windows task manager and keep it opened
  • Locate the notifications in your windows system by scanning through your windows system, click on the “delete” but let the confirmation box be opened for this moment
  • Right click on them
  • Now go back to your task manager and click on the notifications
  • Confirm its removal by clicking yes on the confirmation box and all other boxes as well
  • Close it to finally end the process and now go to the launch your registry editor.
  • Click on the “start”, let it run and then type regedit on it.


There is one other way that also allows you to remove the unwanted, annoying notification. You are just required to follow few easy steps as follows.

  • Go to the start icon of your windows
  • In the address box appearing on the top of your page, type “WINDOWS/SYSTEM32”
  • Click on the file with WGA notifications once you find it.
  • Now press shift delete keys which deletes the files from your system. Deletion, however, might not be sure.
  • After you are sure that you have completed the deletion, click somewhere else on your task manager and then click Ctrl+Shift+Esc to ensure that the previous semi-delete was done successfully.
  • You can witness the effect of the changes you have made by restarting your computer.