How to remove Truesuite toolbar from Internet Explorer

Truesuite toolbar is an effective Biometric toolbar being used these days in the browser to ensure secure, convenient and efficient web browsing. Its uses finger prints authentication in order to authenticate a user. It is easily to use because it starts automatically, integrates your browser and provides a window service. But in spite of the number of uses it can be a trouble sometimes, the toolbar may affect your browsing speed causing problem in fast effective browsing. Although it is used widely still some user may feel inconvenience while using it. That is the reason people try uninstalling it from the browser as well as the windows (Control Panel)

As it may be troublesome at times so the user may want to remove. Lets take the example of Microsoft Internet Explorer, if we want to remove the toolbar from internet explorer what are the possible best and protected steps to remove it? Here is the summary of the steps to safely remove the toolbar from your control panel and browser.

From Control Panel:

Find the option of control Panel in your windows.

How to remove Truesuite toolbar from Internet Explorer


  1. Find the option of uninstall a program (Note: They outlook of control Panel is almost same in all windows Xp/7/8)

how to remove truesuite toolbar from internet explorer

3-Now find and choose Truesuite Toolbar and click uninstall, the program will automatically be uninstalled.

How To Remove Truesuite Toolbar From Internet Explorer:

Removing Truesuite toolbar from internet explorer is also quite an easy process. Following the steps below will make it quite easy for you to uninstall the toolbar from the browser.

  1. Click at your browser to open it.
  2. Select the tool menu
  3. Select the toolbar option from the menu list
  4. Disable the add-ons, this will change the settings, now you can restart the browser to see the settings.

Restoring your Internet Explorer Settings:

In order to restore the IE setting the simple step to be followed is you open the tool option and then click reset the button and delete the personal settings, after the deletion has finished a message will appear to re-affirm that you are sure about the deletion of setting click “Ok” to permanently remove the settings.

Now restart the browser and check whether the new settings are stored or not.

If in case the browser still has the setting. You can uninstall take help from the third party installers that are available online you can easily get them from there.