How to remove BearShare Toolbar

Bearshare is a file-sharing program that lets you find, download, share, and publish audio and video files. But it can also be classified as “badware”, “problemware” or “adware”. Its uninstall program doesn’t remove all instances of the program, leaving such unwanted items like IE main page, toolbar, default search engine etc. Besides as every P2P software there is a danger people will share viruses under the name of songs or films.

Bearshare Toolbar got on your computer after you have installed another free software or add-on that had bundled into their installer this program. However, when you uninstall that program from your computer, your web browser’s default settings will not be restored. This means that you’ll have to remove bearshare toolbar from your favorite web browser manually. Following steps can be followed to remove bearshare toolbar from your computer.

How to remove Bearshare toolbar from your computer

  • Click on start, launch control panel from the start button.
  • Once in the control panel, locate the option that reads, uninstall a program then click on it.
  • You will be displayed a list of programs currently installed in your computer. Find the bearshare toolbar in the list and uninstall it.

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  • Once done, look for wincore mediabar which is also a component of the bearshare and click on the remove button to uninstall it out of your computer.

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  • Reboot your computer and your system will be entirely free of the bearshare toolbar and all of its components.
  • Now since the bearshare toolbar as well as all of its components have been uninstalled out of your computer, you will find a significant improvement in the speed of your internet browser as well as the overall performance of your computer system as well. Your computer is no longer effected by the bearshare toolbar adware or any of its problemware components.

How to remove bearshare toolbar registry files via Pc Performer

  • Click Here to download PC performer.
  • Close all opened browsers, then launch PC  performer.
  • Once PC performer is running, click on scan registry.
  • Once done, click on delete or clear registry.
  • Your tuvaro toolbar registry will be cleaned. Now reboot your computer.
  • Once rebooted, your computer will be totally free of tuvaro Toolbar and its useless files.

When the bearshare toolbar or any of its components were installed in your computer, it had changed your browser homepage and default search engine to However, once you have successfully uninstalled the bearshare toolbar and all of its components out of your computer, you can then conveniently change your default search engine and browser homepage back to whatever you need, the option for which you will find in the settings menu of your internet browser.

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