How to remove Facebook for Chrome Toolbar

This toolbar is useful to Facebook users especially when logging in and checking out at the account details. This happens to be the most used toolbar because of its links. These are the links that most users rely on for updates and news feed in this social site.

With the help of the Facebook toolbar, users are able to log into their accounts, update status as well as keep in touch with friends and relatives. With the available links, you are directly allowed to view your photo albums, profile, inbox and other account settings. More to using the toolbar is that it has a sidebar that users use to keep track of friends online as well as their activities while online.

Even with the many uses of this toolbar, there is need to uninstall it if you are no longer using it. The toolbar has a search box that allows you as the user to search through the internet no matter where you are. You are also accorded the option of selecting a friend and analyzing their profile.

Besides viewing your friends’ profile, this toolbar also has an additional icon that lets users get poked, messages as well as receive friend requests. More is that it has pop ups to notify you whenever a friend wants to chat, updates their status or writes you a message.

The reason many users are fond of this toolbar is because it is free. As it is, toolbars tend to occupy useful memory space on your system and there is no need to keep them if you are not using them. You could easily uninstall this Facebook toolbar and use that space for storing useful data. You can use the following simple guide to remove the facebook for chrome toolbar from your computer.

How to remove facebook for chrome toolbar from your computer

  • Click on start, launch control panel from the start button.
  • Once in the control panel, locate the option that reads, uninstall a program then click on it.
  • You will be displayed a list of programs currently installed in your computer. Find the facebook for chrome toolbar in the list and uninstall it.
  • Reboot your computer and your system will be entirely free of the facebook for chrome toolbar.

How to remove facebook for chrome toolbar from Google Chrome

  • Launch google chrome, then click on the chrome menu button.
  • From within, select tools and then click on extensions.
  • In the extensions tab, click the small recycle bin button in front of the facebook for chrome toolbar to remove it out of your computer.

How to remove facebook for chrome toolbar registry files via Pc Performer

  • Click Here to download PC performer.
  • Close all opened browsers, then launch PC  performer.
  • Once PC performer is running, click on scan registry.
  • Once done, click on delete or clear registry.
  • Your facebook for chrome toolbar registry will be cleaned. Now reboot your computer.

Once rebooted, your computer will be totally free of facebook for chrome Toolbar and its useless files.

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