How to uninstall iminent toolbar from your browsers?

Iminent toolbar is a program for browsers which offers a web search engine of its own and is promoted by many free programs. When you install the other promoting programs the iminent toolbar is installed as a part of the package. It hijacks your browser and changes the default search engine to iminent. It also changes browser settings and displays ads and sponsored links through which your browsing habits may be passed to others. Therefore this toolbar is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is recommended to uninstall iminent toolbar from your system. Here are the steps to do so.

How to uninstall iminent through the Control Panel?

  1. Go to Start button and click it. Start button

2. Click “Control Panel” option to open the Control Panel window.

Start menu-Control panel option


3. In the opened Control Panel window click on “Uninstall a program” link.

  Uninstall a program option in Control Panel


4. This will open a list of all the available installed programs in the system. Search for Iminent toolbar and related programs and click on them.

5. Click “Uninstall” button for each Iminent related program and follow the instructions until the iminent toolbar is completely removed with confirmation.

6. Restart the computer.

Uninstalling the iminent toolbar through add-ons manager

Iminent toolbar is added to the toolbar of the browsers as add-on (extension) and is available in the add-ons manager window of the browsers. So for every browser you use search for the add-ons list in the settings of the browser. Generally this is available under Tools in the menu bar. So open the Add-ons or Extensions manager of the browser. Search for iminent toolbar and its related program. Click Remove or Disable for them and remove them from the add-ons list. Restart your browser after removing to see the effects.

In this way you can remove the iminent toolbar from the system and make the performance of your browser better.