How to remove Yahoo toolbar

The yahoo toolbar facilitates the user by adding a yahoo mail as well as a yahoo search bar automatically to the browser in use, once it is installed in your system. However, one downfall of the toolbar is the hindrance in the proper functioning of your operating system. It might reduce the efficacy of your windows and reduce the browsing speed, causing much inconvenience to you. Thus, you must learn to remove it from your browser, whether you use internet explorer, Firefox, chrome or windows 7, XP or vista. Every browser has slightly different steps to remove this toolbar and can be done in no time.

how to remove yahoo toolbar

How to remove yahoo toolbar from Internet explorer

Uninstalling the toolbar from the internet explorer is just a few steps task and can be achieved via following easy steps.

  • On the upper right corner of your browser windows you will find a sprocket which you would need to click.
  • Now select “Manage Add-ons”
  • In the list of “toolbar and extensions”, find the toolbar to be removed
  • After selecting the yahoo toolbar, “disable” it to remove it from the internet explorer.

How to remove yahoo toolbar from Firefox

If you are a user of Firefox instead, deleting the yahoo toolbar is again not a difficult task. Follow the steps as given.

  • Bring your Firefox in a running mode
  • Locate the Firefox menu in the upper left corner of your browser
  • In the Firefox menu, go for the “Add ons”
  • In the “Extension” list, find the toolbar and then click on the yahoo toolbar
  • Now click on “disable” and your browser will no longer hold this toolbar

How to remove yahoo toolbar from Chrome

Deleting the yahoo toolbar from chrome is as easy as in other browsers with slight difference as follows.

  • On upper left corner of your chrome browser, you will find a 3 horizontal lined button.
  • Click this button and then select “settings”
  • In the settings, opt for “extensions”
  • Now look for this toolbar and instruct your browser to disable it.

Uninstalling yahoo toolbar from windows 7 or Windows vista

If the operating system you are using is either windows 7 or windows vista then following steps are needed to be taken to ensure the removal of yahoo toolbar.

  • From the start menu go to the “control panel”
  • Under the option of “programs”, go for “uninstall a program”
  • In the displayed list, pick the yahoo toolbar.
  • Right click on this toolbar and then select “Uninstall/change”
  • This will make sure that your operating system is free of yahoo toolbar now.

Removing the yahoo toolbar from windows XP

Following steps will help you to make your operating system free of yahoo toolbar

  • Once again, go to the control panel in the start menu.
  • Go for the “Add/remove program”
  • In the following list of installed programs, look out for yahoo toolbar.
  • A right click on the icon and “uninstalling” it will remove it from your windows XP.

Whatever operating system and browser you are using, you can easily remove the yahoo toolbar and free yourself from the inefficiency it causes.