How to remove hover zoom toolbar?

Hover zoom toolbar is an extension that efficiently magnifies various images and thumbnail for your convenience. It has never really come to disappoint its user and it can be used with various other toolbars such as Google chrome. This toolbar which is supported by various popular websites in enlarging the images for you can easily be installed. Popular websites using this toolbar includes Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Reddit, ebay, picasa as well as youtube.

After the successful installation of hover zoom using this toolbar, a small icon of a magnifying glass will appear on all those websites which support the use of hover zoom. Now you are possessed with a amazing facility to enlarge the all the images you wish to give a close look. Not just this, you can also customize your mouse using this facility. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can change the settings according to your will.

how to remove hover zoom toolbar

Although very helpful, hover zoom may seldom bring down the effectiveness of your browser and hinder its proper functioning. Under such conditions it is advisable to get rid of this toolbar as soon as possible.

Why should you remove the hover zoom toolbar?

Although this browser add-on is quite helpful when you need to view the thumbnails or images that are very small but like other toolbar, it also has some drawbacks. This toolbar can lessen the browsing speed and affect the functioning of your PC. This happens because this toolbar occupies a greater space on your system, not allowing the proper and speedy surfing. A dire need is then felt to remove this toolbar which can prove very frustrating.

How to remove hover zoom toolbar?

Once this toolbar becomes problematic for you and you decide to get rid of this then the tools menu on the Google chrome allows it. The following steps will help you bring back the speed of your browser to normal in no time at all.

  • On the browser toolbar, locate the chrome menu and open it
  • Now opt for the tools followed by extensions
  • Locate the hover zoom toolbar from the provided list and remove it by clicking on “disable”
  • However, this alone is not enough. There is also a need to eliminate it from the system files.
  • For this, go to the start and then the run button
  • Type regedit there.
  • Find all the files that are related to hover zoom and delete them all.
  • Once done, restart your system to find it working properly again.