Remove Skype click to call plugin

The Skype click to call plugin is toolbar designed to facilitate you. It is accessed via web and now has been made compatible with chrome and Firefox both. But before installing it in your system you must be fully aware of its specifications, its function and the procedure to remove it in case you no longer find its need. This click to call plugin is available to you along with the Skype installer and comes as a standalone. Once installed, it only requires you to click on a certain contact in your list and your call is made. This is made possible by this plugin by allowing the browser in use to access the names, phone numbers, email addresses and sometimes even the email messages and using the Skype icon, it highlights this information.

Procedure to remove Skype click to call plugin

Removing the Skype click to call plugin is matter of few minutes and functionally it can be disabled on the web. It requires you to login to your Skype and opt for the tools menu followed by “options”. Locate “advance” and click on it followed by clicking on “use Skype to call links on web” to uncheck it. This will make sure that you skype  click to call plugin is removed. However, this does not permanently remove the plugin fom you browse. For ensured removal, further steps are required to be taken.

Removing Skype call plug in permanently

The permanent removal of this plugin depends highly on the type of browse you are using and can sometimes takes a little more effort of yours to be removed. The following steps will make sure that this plugin does not appear to frustrate you anymore.

  • Make sure that no browse in your system is running while you aim to delete the plugin
  • From the “start” button, go to your control panel
  • Now, locate the programs and features and then click on “uninstall the program” option
  • A dropdown list will appear and you will be required to select Skype click to call program
  • Once you have located it, click on “uninstall” to eliminate it from your browser
  • A new window will now appear in front of you asking you whether you want to remove, repair or change the Skype click to call plugin
  • Since you want to remove it, you will instruct it to do so.

Removing the Skype click to call plugin does not at all means that your Skype will not function now. The Skype would be as effective as before and no changes will be experience in its function. If you face any trouble while removing the plugin, you will just have to repair it and follow the same steps again to remove it.