How To Remove Zeus Trojan Virus From Your Computer

Zeus Trojan virus is a very perilous and risky virus which can find its way into your system easily, harming it very badly. It can be associated mischievously with any link and once you click the link, it easily seeps into your system. Links to different face book pages are its favorite way to get in and once in, it will not be detected easily hence proving very malicious. A very menacing thing about Zeus Trojan virus is its ability to steal your money if you login to any bank website. One cannot just simply let this happen and needs a strong protection for their computer.  Methods to completely remove this virus from your computer do exists and different tools are involved in them. Some of the effective methods are explained as follows.

How to Remove Zeus Trojan virus from your computer by running an antivirus scan

Select a renowned vendor and look for a suitable antivirus after thoroughly studying its specification. Download it and allow it fully scan your computer and check for any Trojan virus that might be harming your system secretly. Once any virus is detected, let your antivirus remove it. This tool will allow you to remove any kind of infection from your system and in order to enjoy virus-free windows, restart your computer.

how to remove zeus trojan virus from your computer

Manual Virus removal process

A manual process of removing the virus also exists. Here are the steps you should follow to remove the Trojan virus manually.

  • Restart your computer in safe mode

Once you restart your computer, keep pressing F8 till boot up options appear on your screen. Click on the provided option “Start computer in safe mode” and allow your system to boot.

  • Cease all the programs in task manager

Make sure that the programs specially associated with the virus are terminated. From the options, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and opt for “Start Task manager”. Look for all the suspicious appearing programs in the processes tab and by clicking on the “end program” option, terminate them.

  • Delete the virus containing files

Look for all the doubtful files and folders which might in any way be affected by the Trojan virus. Once you find them, press CTLR+ALT+DELETE and get rid of them

  • Remove the registry values related to the virus
  1. In the start menu, go for the option of “Run”
  2. Type “regedit.exe” and click “Ok” in the command box that opens. Registry editor windows open now.
  3. In order to start the search dialogue box, press CTRL
  4. Allow the search box to find Trojan virus by typing the name and the results will be displayed in the right pane of the windows. All these files are associated with Trojan virus with first found registry being highlighted.
  5. Right click on it and “delete” it and select “yes” for confirmation box.
  6. Repeat the above step for all the virus linked registries until all the defected files are deleted
  7. Restart your computer now and it will be free of the Trojan virus.