How to remove Silverlight Toolbar

Silverlight toolbars are common in internet explorer and Firefox because the browsers support its visual effects applications. It comes with improved features for new Windows versions for interesting themes, animations and color schemes. You will often be required to remove older versions for the Silverlight for improved ones that have shopping, maps, video, travel and image enhancement apps. This calls for simplified ways on how to remove Silverlight toolbar from your program or browsers.

The improved Silverlight apps are ideal for windows Live programs and it also supports Gmail, hotmail and Yahoo. Always inquire about the programs you are using to avoid installing it in an incompatible mode.

Sometimes you may encounter problems when using the Silverlight toolbar. For instance, you could be having difficulties in loading pages because the silverlight apps have interfered with your browser. Such a scenario calls for the un-installation of the live toolbar because of its add-ons. Sometimes the program fails to operate in Vista X64 programs except if you are using a 32-bit internet explorer version. Therefore, it is advisable to find out whether the extension is conversant with your Microsoft Windows systems. For successful deleting process, you will have to learn how to remove Silverlight toolbar.

The good news is though, that it is not difficult or a complex process to delete or remove Silverlight toolbar from your computer. As a matter of fact, you won’t even have to remove the Silverlight toolbar from all of your internet browsers manually. You can follow the below mentioned simple and well elaborated steps to remove the Silverlight toolbar from your computer. You will follow one single process and the Silverlight toolbar will be deleted from all of your browsers that you use on your computer system.

How to remove Silverlight toolbar from your computer

  • Click on start menu.
  • Click or write RUN in the search bar then click on it.
  • Once the RUN is launched, type appwiz.cpl in it.
  • Hit enter and wait for windows to pop a new dialog box.
  • In the new dialog box that pops up, highlight where it mentioned Silverlight.
  • Click on delete to remove Silverlight toolbar.
  • Restart your computer and your computer system will be completely free of the Silverlight toolbar.

How to remove Silverlight toolbar registry files via Pc Performer

  • Click Here to download PC performer.
  • Close all opened browsers, then launch PC  performer.
  • Once PC performer is running, click on scan registry.
  • Once done, click on delete or clear registry.
  • Your Silverlight toolbar registry will be cleaned. Now reboot your computer.

Once rebooted, your computer will be totally free of Silverlight Toolbar and its useless files.

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