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How to remove windows XP activation messages?

Those who are using windows XP know the frustration on unnecessary activation messages appearing on their screens out of nowhere. This usually happens in the case when your activation of windows XP has expired and also in the situation when you have installed an unlicensed version of windows XP.

These are the kind of messages you receive.

how to remove windows xp activation messages

These unwanted messages are a constant source of distraction and annoyance for the user who is working on something important. The activation message also requires you to restart your computer thus wasting a lot of time and interrupting the significant task being carried out. Buying the activation keys seems to be the possible solution however if you do not wish to proceed with it further then you would need to make sure that you don’t receive these messages by removing the windows XP activation messages manually.

How to remove windows XP activation messages?

Removing windows XP activation message box manually requires few simple and quick steps and you will be completely free of all the unwanted, frustrating activation messages. Procedure to be followed is as mentioned.

  • First you need to log in to your windows XP machine with administration rights.
  • Go to the “start” menu and search for “regedit” there.
  • In the registry, locate the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents” directory.
  • Double click on the “OOBETimer”
  • Make the following change in the string of letters
    “FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD”
  • Confirm the change by pressing “okay” and the setting will be saved.
  • By right clicking the “WPAevents” folder, select “permissions”.
  • Now in order to remove and disable the unnecessary activation messages you are required to deny them the permission by clicking “okay” to save the configuration.

You are now free of being interrupted by the infuriating activation messages and can work in a comfortable, smooth running system

XP activation removal software

One other way to get rid of these annoying, time consuming activation messages is to install suitable software designed for the removal of the XP activation messages. A variety of softwares are available for this purpose and before picking one, it is recommended that you go though its specifications and online reviews. After downloading it into your system, make sure you run them through an antimalware program before finally installing them. This is important as the software can sometimes act as a spyware, stealing some significant information from your system. Now you are required to test its suitability to you y checking whether it removes the activation messages effectively o not.

Using either of the two ways provided, you can easily make your system free of these activation messages popping out at irrelevant times causing much trouble to you.

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How to remove chrome extensions manually?

For most of the people, Google chrome is the first choice when it comes to choosing the best browser for their system. This perhaps is because chrome provides you with the feasibility of adding as many extensions to your browser as many you require. It further allows you to manage Add-ons on your server. This practically is very useful, helping the user to accomplish more than one task at a time hence saving time.

However, it must be considered that too many extensions on your browser are not always so supportive. Many times you encounter serious trouble while working with so many extensions as they may cause your browser to crash down while you are working on something significant. This proves vey inconvenient, troublesome and annoying for the user. Under such circumstances, the recommended option is to learn to uninstall the trouble causing extension. You can either do it manually or pick up the customized and control method to undo the extension from you browse permanently.

Using customized and control method to uninstall the chrome extensions

It is only a matter of few minutes to uninstall the unwanted extensions in the chrome using customized and control method. It only requires few easy steps as mentioned.

  • Click the wrench button appearing on the top right hand side of the chrome.
  • A dropdown menu will appear in front of you presenting you with different extension and asking you to select the troublesome extension.

how to remove chrome extensions manually


  • Uninstall the selected extension by clicking on the “uninstall” button.

The extension will be removed after the completion of these steps however it might happen seldom that the extension does not appear in the list at all since it has crashed. If anything like this happens, you would have to remove the extension manually

How to remove chrome extensions manually

Removing the extensions manually needs you to find the folder containing all the extensions to your browser first. Then you would have to pick the folder containing the extension your wish to uninstall. Following these instruction, you can easily remove the targeted extension.

  • Make sure that your chrome browser is not in a running state.
  • Now find the default chrome browser according to the configuration of your operating system

The chrome shortcut icon can also help you find this folder if you are facing any kind of difficulty in locating the folder. A right click on the icon will display a menu and you are required to go to the “properties”. A new window will then appear. Under the “target” option, you can find the location to the desired extension.

  • Within the folder will be a subfolder holding all the extension of your chrome
  • Pick the one containing the target extension.
  • Now you will again find a subfolder containing the version number of extension.
  • The targeted folder might have an ambiguous name and you ae now required to delete it.
  • On restarting the chrome, you will find it free of the defective extension.

The chrome extension has now been removed successfully, providing you with an efficient browser to start surfing.

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How to get rid of the search toolbar

My search toolbar is the kind of toolbar that provides you with the facility of using the more than one web browser to display the results of your search. It is one of the Add-ons that connect or fixes itself to your browser. This toolbar provides you with the facility to add your own personalized web buttons and web links hence making sure that you are just one click away from your desired websites and web pages. One considerable thing about this toolbar is that it is provided free of cost and can be downloaded with no difficulty at all.

This toolbar is usually installed when other programs are being installed and a confirmation message appears before the installation asking for your consent. If later anytime you realize that you are not in any particular need of this toolbar then you have this option to remove it just few easy and quick steps.

Why should my search toolbar be removed?

While many of us view my search toolbar as facilitating tool for our browser, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it can be very damaging and harmful to our system. It has the ability to take over your browser and alter its setting thus functioning as a hijacker. It can sometimes be the reason of the malware and virus detected by your computer. This toolbar brings certain changes to the URL and makes it unsecure for you to carry out any search from this toolbar as they are shifted to other promotional websites. It is absolutely not wrong calling this toolbar as an initiator of the virus or malware in your system although the creator of this toolbar will strongly deny this. It, therefore, becomes necessary for you to learn getting rid of this toolbar and prevent it from causing any trouble in your system.

How to get rid of the search toolbar

Since my search toolbar is not exactly the kind of toolbar your browser is secure from, it is recommended that you get rid of it by following just few easy steps as follows.

  • Make sure that all the running browsers are shut down
  • Go to the “start” button of your system and locate the control pane there.
  • Now go for the add/remove program option
  • A list of programs will appear and you will be required to pick up my search toolbar from among them.
  • Click on the “remove” button to initiate its removal
  • Now to remove the toolbar, follow the steps that the uninstall wizard asks you to follow.
  • To make sure that my search toolbar is deleted from your browser you need to restart your browser once.

how to get rid of the search toolbar

Your system is now free of any threat that it might have encountered because of the malevolent toolbar.

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How to get a better pop up blocker for Google chrome?

We all have gone through the most irritating moments while working on internet when out of nowhere we encounter unnecessary, annoying advertisements covering the entire screen of our computer. Yes these are the pop ups which can appear anytime. Nothing can be more irritating then this while you are working on something very significant. Hence, a proficient and fine pop up blocker is need to block all the undesirable pop ups appearing on your screen and interfering with your work. These pop ups can sometimes also intervene with your system’s security by sending malevolent code to your computer.

Pop up blocker works by hindering all the unfavorable pop ups that appears on your screen. All you need to do is to make sure you install a suitable pop up blocker allowing it to prevent the pop ups from harming your computer. Chrome store provides you with a variety of effective pop up blockers and requires you to download and install it in your system. By following few simple steps as described, you can get a better pop up blocker for google chrome.

  • Using the following link, open the Google chrome store

  • On “search the store” tab, write the keywords “Pop up blocker” and instruct it to search for all the available pop up blockers.
  • The search results will be displayed in front of you requiring you to pick up the most suitable one.

get a better pop up blocker for google chrome

  • You now need to click on the “add to chrome” button once you pick the best pop up blocker.
  • A confirmation message will appear on your screen.

get a better pop up blocker for google chrome

Once you click on the “add” button, the extension of the chosen pop up blocker will be added to you chrome.

Now you are possessing an effective pop up blocker which makes sure that nothing interrupts you while you are working and keeps your system from being harmed by these malicious and annoying pop ups. They also take care that the user browses fast and safely without letting these pop ups wasting any of their significant time, making their surfing easy.


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How do I delete my account? is a platform that has recently gained much popularity among the youth. It provides you with an option of asking questions from anyone with this account by keeping yourself anonymous to the person. Many people find it very amusing and interesting. People can even ask questions from their friends and they would never recognize them. But this platform has not come without the harms. Abusing, sexual harassment, bullying are some of the many harms that this platform has brought with it. The violence is unavoidable and once you are molested, there is no way out of it.

how do i delete my account


Many people, mostly the parents, have started showing their concerns on this issue. Controversies and debates are long going on this topic whether is a secure social network to be amused of but it has occurred that most of the people find it an intervention in their privacy and are convinced on deleting their accounts.

How do I delete my account?

If you have made up our mind and are determined to delete your account, all you need to do is to make a request through the user feedback, asking them formally to delete your account from their data bases. Other alternative is to deactivate your account yourself following these easy steps.

  • On the top, right hand corner of the page, go to the “settings”
  • Next, go to the profile page
  • From the given options, click on “disable account” option
  • To make sure your account is deactivated, provide them with your password.

This action of yours will provide ultimate security to your account, hindering all kinds of access and operations to your account and disabling anyone to visit your profile. It will also stop giving you the updates from other peoples’ profiles. It is strongly advised that you remove all your personal photos, videos and albums before you decide to deactivate your account. Deactivating the account will not completely prevent you from accessing your profile. It will still provide you with an option to reactivate it anytime by simply logging in again.

This is how you do it in one simple, quick step.

how do i delete my account


One thing you should not forget, a already mentioned before, is that deactivating your account will not terminate it form the severs behind. You can still activate it whenever you want. In order to put an end to it, you will have to send a request through the feedback page of the

how do i delete my account

Many people also encounter the difficult of forgetting their password and hence are enable to delete or deactivate their account. They need not to be apprehended. provides them to reset their password if they have forgotten it. All that is required to do is to click on the “forgot password” option which will ask you to reset it and access your account with a new password. Once logged in, you can now perform the action of either deactivating or deleting your account.

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What to do when Internet Explorer keeps crashing

Has it ever happened to you that you are working and your internet explorer just crashes down? That you are in the middle of some important task and your internet explorer just refuses to work? Many times you may have encountered such inconvenience when you open the menu bar, log in or simply bookmark anything. The internet explore comes with many versions commonly used today. These include internet explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10.

what to do when internet explorer keeps crashing


This atypical behavior of internet explorer crashing down in the middle of some prime work can be due to a number of reasons causing trouble to the user. A crash error report usually appears specifying the effect of trouble shooting. Viable reasons for the crash may include Adds-on manager in the browser, your antivirus software or any other application related to security. The crash may also be because of the operating system in use or any window program you are running on your PC. Advanced setting might also cause a trouble in this.

What to do when Internet Explorer keeps crashing?

Sudden crashing of Internet explorer while you are working on something of prime importance can prove very irritable as well as troublesome. It is, therefore, very important to fix the problem n just few very easy steps.

One thing you should be definitely aware of is the windows program you are running and the version of the internet explorer in use. Add-ons manager plays a very vital role in it. It can interfere with the program you are running and hence it is very important for you to make sure whether it is on or not. Some web pages are greatly troubled by the Add-ons effect therefore it is recommended to restrict the use of add-ons application to the users of your computer. You can find it in the administrative templates of your windows component in the computer configuration.

Following steps can help you overcome the problem.

Manage Add-ons

  • Click on the start menu
  • Go to the Programs followed by the Accessories and then the system tools.
  • In the system tools, go to the Internet explorer and No add-ons
  • Next, go to the tools Menu
  • Click on the Manage Add-ons
  • You can now enable or disable the application.
  • To ensure that the problem is fixed, keep enabling and disabling Adds-Ons.

what to do when internet explorer keeps crashing


Sometimes it might happen that these steps do not bring you the desired outcome and the problem persists. If you continue encountering more troubles, try out the following steps.

  • Go to your control panel
  • Click the Internet options followed by Programs and then Manage Adds-Ons
  • Check whether the Adds-ons are installed in your computer.

If the problem still survives, you need to reset the default settings of your computer by following these steps.

  •  Go to the “Tools”
  • Press Alt+x
  • Go for internet options and pick select advanced tab
  • Click Reset and close
  • Restart your computer now to ensure that the problem is fixed.

Other Factors involved in the crash:-

Conferring to the Microsoft support page for troubleshooting can help you deal with the problems of Internet explorer’s crash in almost all its versions. Seldom, Internet explorer crashes because of the programs you are running in your PC and this requires you to recheck the programs you have installed. You may also need to scan your computer for any kind of viruses or malware by double checking your downloads and computer systems.

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Making Cover Photos Private In Facebook

A cover photo is a photo that is displayed on the top of your facebook profile as a large and easily accessible photo. Privatizing the cover photos on facebook has long been in debate but not many people are aware of the procedure to follow to make their account a secure one. Facebook policy does not provide you with an option of making your cover photos concealed and hence there is no way a common user can do so.
Cover photos give a unique and pleasing effect to your profile and distinguishes your profile from other profiles. Cover photos in a way provide security to your account by making sure that spammers do not make a clone of your account. Therefore, putting up a cover photo from your personal life experience is indeed a healthy activity. The following procedure can be followed if you are looking for making cover photos private in facebook.

Ensuring that cover photo is public:-

Following procedure will allow you to make sure that your cover photos are set to a public-mode and can be viewed by all.

When you click on your cover photo, it will start loading in Facebook album viewer mode. In order to open the photo in an editable mode, click on the “edit” button. If an earth-shaped public icon is appearing, it tells that your photo is set on a public mode and there is no other way to make it private. Your cover photo can be easily viewed by anyone who pays a visit to your profile. If you find it inconvenient then the only possible way is to either remove it or put up any common or general photo as your cover photo.

Deleting cover photos in FaceBook:-


Many people find it interference in their privacy to be unable make the cover photos private. They fear putting up any personal photo as their cover photo by thinking it might get into wrong hands and hence be misused. Such people are provided with the only option of deleting their cover photo once they have set it. The procedure of deleting the cover photo is as follows.

  • Open facebook and go to your timeline by logging into your account.
  • Move the arrow on your cover photo and you will find an option of changing the cover photo.
  • As soon as your click on “change cover photo”, a dropdown will appear showing many options.
  • In order to remove your cover photo, click “remove” and it will then ask for your confirmation.
  • making cover photos private on facebookPress “okay” if you have made up your mind to remove it otherwise “cancel” it
  • Successfully removed your cover photo” will appear once you have command it to remove.
  • On the other hand you can upload a new, non-private photo by going to “upload a new photo” option.

making cover photos private on facebook

Facebook has made it mandatory to keep the cover photos public. Hence, removing the cover photos or uploading a non-private photo is the only solution if you don’t want your photos to be viewed publically.

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How to uninstall Bing Toolbar

Uninstalling Bing toolbar from your laptop or PC requires few easy and quick steps. However, the steps might vary a little from one operating system to the other. It also depends upon the browser you are using. This guide will provide you with few effortless steps to undo the Bing toolbar if you are using Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer. The whole procedure would hardly take your five minutes.

how to uninstall bing toolbar


How to uninstall Bing toolbar from Internet Explorer:

Internet explorer requires the following simple procedure to remove the Bing toolbar.

  • Go to the Menu bar and press the “ALT” key.
  • Click on the “tools” and then on the manage “Add-ons”
  • Spot the Bing toolbar
  • Click on the “disable” button to prevent it functioning.
  • how to uninstall bing toolbar

Internet explorer provides you with very convenient option of disabling certain features of Bing toolbar if they are of no use to you as well as uninstalling it completely. You can make your choice.

Deleting Bing toolbar in Firefox

Eliminating Bing toolbar from Firefox is again a few minutes procedure with almost same steps involved as in internet explorer. Few exceptions are as follows:

  • Open up your Firefox browser
  • Similarly first click on the “tools” and then on the “Add-ons”
  • Below the Add-ons listing, locate the Bing Toolbar
  • Disable it by pressing the “disable” button
  • Bing Toolbar is now deactivated.

 Guide on removing the Bing Toolbar in Firefox

It’s time you close your Firefox browser and instead open your control panel by going on the “start” button. Then go the “Add or remove program”, spot “Bing toolbar” there and instruct your PC to uninstall it. You are now free of the Bing toolbar in no time and no effort.

Uninstalling Bing Toolbar from the system with Google Chrome.

Once you deduce which operating system you are making use of, it’s not at all complicated to undo the Bing toolbar from your browser. All you need to do is follow these plain steps for each operating system and in no time your system is free from the unwanted Bing toolbar.

For Windows 7:

  • Go to your “control panel” by clicking the “start” and going through your “setting”.
  • Locate the “uninstall the program” under the “programs” option.
  • Go for the Bing toolbar chrome extension and remove it.
  • In order for the toolbar to be completely removed, reboot your computer once and on starting up, your system no longer would have this toolbar.

For Windows XP

  • Go to the control panel by clicking the start button.
  • Pick “add or remove programs”
  • Spot Bing toolbar chrome extension and “remove” it.
  • Restart your computer to see the desired result.

For Windows Vista

  • Go to the programs and features
  • Like before, look for the Bing toolbar chrome extension
  • Click “remove” and restart your computer to make sure the desired task is completed.
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How To Block Porn Sites In Google Chrome

Like every other thing in use, internet also came with its pros and cons. Where it provides you with every minute and significant details of your search and keeps you in touch with the current circumstances, it also displays some undesirable adult content which your child may encounter while surfing the internet. Some websites display porn content from which you absolutely want to keep your child away. The websites with such nasty content gives their advertisements on all well-recognized websites hence making it very likely that your children get exposed to such stuff. But there is a way to get rid of them. One way to ensure that your child remains unexposed is to block all the websites delivering porn content.
Google chrome provides this convenient and admirable facility to block all porn sites by adding some relevant extensions via Google chrome in no more than few minutes. Hence regular Google chrome users are at great benefit for a risk free use of the internet by their children.
Here are some very easy and quick steps to follow if you are looking forward to answers to how to block porn sites in google chrome:

How to block porn sites in google chrome by adding extensions?

  • Make use of THIS LINK to go to the Google chrome store.
  • Type the keywords “Block all porn” in the search bar of the Google chrome store.
  •  Press enter after writing the prime words in the search bar.
  • The keyword will result in a number of applications and extensions like this and would require you to choose one from them.
  • how to block porn sites in google chrome 1After thoroughly going through all the specifications of the following extensions, you will need to pick the one which suits you well.
  • Add it to your chrome by selecting it and clicking to the “free” button.
  •  A warning notification will then appear on your screen asking for your confirmation to add this new extension.
  • how to block porn sites in google chromeIf you are ready to add it to your chrome browser and make it porn-free, click “add”.
  • In order to see the desired result you will have to restart your browser and once it starts again, the blocker will be functioning effectively.

All the porn sites will automatically be blocked by the porn blocker hence keeping your children inaccessible to anything that might be inappropriate for them to see. This few minutes task will make sure that you can open any website anywhere without a risk of displaying foul content and that your children are at safe hands. You don’t even have to worry about the companionship you are in before opening any website as any porn content is automatically instructed by the blocker to be blocked.  Enjoy safe, sound and porn-free internet anywhere and anytime.

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How to remove Data Manager Toolbar

The data manager toolbar is installed along a freeware or a shareware application. These applications are also referred to as adware, and are regarded as potentially harmful programs. The data manager toolbar is, however, not a computer virus. It is known for changing the default home page of your personal computer. The toolbar gives room for other toolbar applications as well as adware programs to install on your computer.
This toolbar automatically installs without the knowledge of the computer user. The toolbar can also be a route for virus, malware and other dangerous malware into your computer. It is therefore important to ensure that all unwanted as well as unused toolbars are uninstalled and completely removed from your computer. Below is a guide to getting rid of data manager toolbar.

How to remove data manager toolbar from your computer

  • Click on start, launch control panel from the start button.
  • Once in the control panel, locate the option that reads, uninstall a program then click on it.
  • You will be displayed a list of programs currently installed in your computer. Find data manager toolbar in the list and uninstall it.
  • Reboot your computer and your system will be entirely free of the data manager toolbar.

How to remove data manager toolbar from internet explorer

  • First of all, in order to remove the data manager toolbar from internet explorer, you are going to have to launch internet explorer.
  • Once the internet explorer has been launched, click on the small gear icon located on the top right side of the screen.
  • Now you will find an option that says, manage add-ons. Click on it.
  • From within the manage add-ons option, click on toolbars and extensions.
  • You will be displayed a list of extensions currently installed, click on data manager and disable it.

How to remove data manager toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch firefox, then click on the orange firefox button.
  • From within the firefox button, click on add-ons.
  • Now click on the extensions and you will be displayed a list of extensions currently installed in your browser.
  • Locate the data manager toolbar extension, and click uninstall to get rid of it.

How to remove data manager toolbar from Google Chrome

  • Launch google chrome, then click on the chrome menu button.
  • From within, select tools and then click on extensions.
  • In the extensions tab, click the small recycle bin button in front of the data manager toolbar to remove it out of your computer.

How to remove data manager toolbar registry files via Pc Performer

  • Click Here to download PC performer.
  • Close all opened browsers, then launch PC  performer.
  • Once PC performer is running, click on scan registry.
  • Once done, click on delete or clear registry.
  • Your data manager toolbar registry will be cleaned. Now reboot your computer.

Once rebooted, your computer will be totally free of data manager Toolbar and its useless files.

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